How To Organize A Seminar Or An Event

Written by Matt Bacak

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4. Collaboration with sponsors

Getting reputable sponsors to participate in an event will help boostrepparttar creditability ofrepparttar 145867 event, as well as reduce costs. Sponsors can also help with marketing, as they also help publicize your event to their customers. Apart from that, some ofrepparttar 145868 sponsors can chip in on venue rental in exchange for exhibition space or publicity for themselves. Some sponsors also require a short message of their company to be given torepparttar 145869 participants duringrepparttar 145870 event. Others give away sample products or door gifts to participants.

5. Managing People and working with speakers

A seminar will not be successful withoutrepparttar 145871 people running it, as well asrepparttar 145872 speakers sharing their knowledge torepparttar 145873 participants. Invite speakers who are of caliber and reputation torepparttar 145874 event, and who will providerepparttar 145875 participants with relevant information to their work, industry or business. Preparerepparttar 145876 speakers beforehand and work with them on their Power point presentations as well as pre-inform them ofrepparttar 145877 logistics processes, timing as well asrepparttar 145878 expected audience size. Check with them on any special requests, such asrepparttar 145879 requirement for an overhead projector or additional microphones to be used for question and answer sessions.

All events require a good team of people handling tasks on ushering, registration, customer service as well as handling financials. Familiarizerepparttar 145880 team with any required event protocol to eliminaterepparttar 145881 possibility of confusion or error. In order to ensure smooth implementation, each person should be familiar with their individual roles. This can be ensured through a preparation of a detailed schedule of events coupled with roles and responsibilities for each person. Ideally, a project manager should controlrepparttar 145882 whole team and ensure that everyone is carrying out their duties efficiently. Apart from that,repparttar 145883 project manager also hasrepparttar 145884 delegated authority to deal with all parties such asrepparttar 145885 venue management as well asrepparttar 145886 sponsors and event exhibitors.

6. Actual Day Ė Preparation, Registration, Ushering, Feedback

All seminar planning and preparations, constituting 80% of total work involved, cascade torepparttar 145887 actual event which may last only for a few hours or a few days. Onrepparttar 145888 day beforerepparttar 145889 event, visitrepparttar 145890 venue to ensure that everything is in order accordingrepparttar 145891 requirements and specifications. Microphones, projectors, audio and video systems must be all checked to be in excellent working order. Over atrepparttar 145892 office, have a packing list prepared and get all require items transferred torepparttar 145893 actual venue at least a day beforerepparttar 145894 event. Event staff should be dispatched to work on site preparations, including setting up booths, decorations and posters,repparttar 145895 day beforerepparttar 145896 event.

Onrepparttar 145897 actual day, staff should be present atrepparttar 145898 venue at least 1 Ĺ hours before commencement. They should report to their duty stations and must be ready to receive participants half an hour before they are scheduled to file in. Registrations must be made atrepparttar 145899 door to ensure authorized access. Name tags, door gifts and event schedules or booklets will be given out at this point and ushers will show participants to their seats inrepparttar 145900 event hall.

Staff will also be responsible for providing advice or help to participants duringrepparttar 145901 event. Finally, feedback forms should be distributed and then collected from participants to determinerepparttar 145902 satisfaction level on all aspects ofrepparttar 145903 event experience. This is in order to receive pointers, ideas and advice for future improvements.

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