How To Optimize Your Online Time Through Efficient Computer Use

Written by Shahnaz Rauf

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-The `Shift plus mouse click` opens any link in a new page. Good when you need to visit another site without exiting your present location.

-The `Alt plus left arrow` enables you to move to a previous page in a web. -The `Alt plus right arrow` enables you to move forward in a website.

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OH! The aggravation of it all

Written by Vern Anderson

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What inrepparttar world can I do? I just opened my newest site yesterday and it will not open today.**

Back to my web host, try again same results, boy I am getting worried. With everyone closing their doors with no prior warning, what if they did that to me?**

Decided maybe it would calm my nerves to write this article. Hope I can write with all this on my mind.**

It is now 8 pm and my sites are finally back up. Wonder how many sales I missed?**

Still wonder if I shouldn't chuck this thing out my window.**

Oh heck with it, tomorrow has to be a better day or I may chuck it outrepparttar 107900 window.**

Can't give up! Can't give up! Can't give up! Just keep telling my self, can't give up.**

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