How To Obtain Our True Integrity?

Written by Ina Bliss

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When we discover that we are our essence,repparttar representatives of our source, that we ARE angels in charge of spiritual power (the aligned power of 2 people equals 1111, not 1+1) , we realize that nothing and no one can hurt us, or harm us, we have gainedrepparttar 113248 unity between our thinking and our TRUTH.

We found our integrity, at last: To BE is to HAVE.

What do we do with our lives, afterrepparttar 113249 monster has left?

We invent our own personal game, we take our time preparing forrepparttar 113250 play, and we play to win.

We will no longer play anybody else’s game. That is truly why we are here: Integrity exists, it needs be revealed, found. The true sense of living is to discover it and live happily ever after…

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The best things in life really are free!

Written by Jennifer Kadamus

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One thing I have found to be amazing during my years of freebie hunting is that people are not taking advantage of rebates and refunds that companies will offer when they introduce a new product. This is your chance to get something for nothing folks take advantage of it!! All it usually takes is a few minutes to fill out a form and and an envelope and your on your way to getting a freebie. Look for forms in your weekly coupon insert for "Try me free" offers or when you are out shopping look around for products with a sticker attached that also says "try me free." Make sure you readrepparttar form thoroughly so you don't miss something important. It really is rather simple and not that time consuming. You will be amazed at what companies will give you. A lot of stores such as Walgreen's & Rite-Aid also offer customers free products. You have to purchaserepparttar 113247 product first but when you send inrepparttar 113248 form along with your receipt you get your money back. It usually only takes a few weeks to receive a check. Doing surveys is another way to get great free items. Go do a search for survey companies and sign up for every one you can find! There are a lot of companies out there that need people like you to test their products and sometimes not only will you get free products you could possibly get paid too!! Now be aware that no survey company will EVER ask you for money to join. And whatever you do, DO NOT pay for a list of survey companies. Those lists are a rip off!! You can find every company that is out there just by doing a simple search on Yahoo. Now not all survey companies will give you free products to test for doing surveys. Sometimes all you will get for your time is an entry into a drawing but do those surveys too. I have won cash prizes from drawings several times. It really is possible to win. This brings me to entering sweepstake to get freebies. Believe it or not there a lot of people winning sweepstakes everyday including me!! The trick is to find sweepstakes that are giving away a lot of prizes, your chances of winning are so much better if say for instance it is a one time entry and they are giving away 1000 tubes of lipstick. I like to enterrepparttar 113249 ones that give away beauty products and kids stuff since I have children. I have won a lot of free stuff overrepparttar 113250 past year including lotions, nail polish, cosmetics, perfumes etc.. The prizes are usually small but it definitely is a surprise when you open your mailbox! And of course it’s free! Free! Free! You have a ton of resources available to you especially inrepparttar 113251 online world. Go out and do some searching and get your free stuff. It’s so simple. Here is a great place for you to start. I am in no way affiliated with this site it just happens to be one of my favorite places to get free goodies!

Jennifer Kadamus is a stay at home mom who works as a Independant AVON Rep. She can be contacted by email at or by visiting her website at

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