How To Negotiate A Higher Price For Your House

Written by Neeraj Varma

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6. Stackrepparttar benefits in your favour. Try to include several factors that can be negotiated instead of justrepparttar 125431 price. For example, you can include blinds, furniture, tools or other items to enrich your offer. Try to trade-off some ofrepparttar 125432 bonus items instead of reducingrepparttar 125433 price.

7. Create a win-win situation. Ifrepparttar 125434 buyer feels like they are gettingrepparttar 125435 short end ofrepparttar 125436 stick it will be difficult to closerepparttar 125437 deal. They have to feel like they are winning. Here's how Roger Dawson put it in his book, "The Secrets of Power Negotiating": "When you getrepparttar 125438 gold out of their teeth, that's not negotiating. That's stealing. When you getrepparttar 125439 gold out of their teeth and they thank you for it, that's negotiating."

If you follow these points you will certainly be onrepparttar 125440 right path to selling your house for a higher price. However, there are many tactics and strategies you can use or thatrepparttar 125441 buyer will use on you. A little time spent on preparation can literally save you thousands.

You can learn more about how to negotiate for a higher price by handlingrepparttar 125442 offer properly and other powerful strategies at:

Going through this information will take you a couple of hours, but it is most profitable time you will ever spend.

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A Message to Michael Jackson

Written by Peggy Butler

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Thus my message to Michael is: Stop hanging out with kids. If you want to get your freak on, find someone who can take it as well as give it. Doesrepparttar phrase mutual satisfaction ring a bell? And speaking of satisfaction, is it possible to change your skin back to its original color? You, my brother need a tan inrepparttar 125430 worst possible way. Lastly, acceptrepparttar 125431 fact that you are no longerrepparttar 125432 megastar who once sold millions of records. Likerepparttar 125433 artists before you, and those who are to follow, all good things come to an end. And your reign asrepparttar 125434 “King of Pop” has reached its finale. And if you don’t believe me, just look atrepparttar 125435 sales of your last album. Dismal numbers aren’t they?

Oh byrepparttar 125436 way Michael speaking of cynicism, African-Americans detestrepparttar 125437 way you playrepparttar 125438 race card. You see it was only when you were arrested that you suddenly discovered your “Blackness”. What happened? Didrepparttar 125439 inmates remind you that underneath those layers of chemically bleached skin, you are still a “Kneegrow?” That’s why if you’re honest with yourself, you’ll concede that you only turn torepparttar 125440 Black community when it suits you. But soon as things return to normal, or as normal as they can get in your world, you dissipate into your Caucasian chamber and peer lovingly into a sea of White faces.

Like it or not Michael, it is you who must realize that you have become your worst nightmare. Admit that and maybe you can restore some credibility to your career. And while you’re admitting things, ask yourself how many 45-year old men hold hands with boys and give them milk and cookies in bed? I don’t know about you, but if they want milk and cookies that bad, let their parents give it to them. Or have you added pastry chef and milk server to your resume? And on that note I will end my message. Now Mike let me ask you a question, how’s that for a dose of reality?

A freelance writer since 1989, Butler has written for various magazines and Internet publications including Impact Press,, TimBook Tu, and The Black World Today. Moreover, Butler who lists collecting 60s memorabilia among her hobbies, writes news, features, sports and entertainment articles, as well as commentaries and humor pieces. Currently, she is a contributor for

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