How To Memorize Anything. Part 1) Napoleonís Secret Method For Memorizing Names

Written by Sten Andersen

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Names Are Boring

So if names are boring and thatís why you canít remember them, what should you do? There are two routes here.

First, because names are boring, youíre probably not paying much attention when people present themselves to you. Thatís a bad habit! When people introduce themselves, you should listen. Repeatrepparttar name you just heard. If you didnít quite catch it, say so. How can you remember something you didnít really hear inrepparttar 150101 first place.

Second, you could start taking an interest in names in general. Find out where they came from. What they originally meant. Are they represented in several languages?

It boils down to interest and attention. Try to be interested, and pay attention. Then youíll remember any name.

So What Was Napoleonís Secret?

When Napoleon met someone new, he wrote down that name on a piece of paper. He looked at it for a little while. Then he threw it away.

Go figure.

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Meditation - Easy Tools for Success

Written by GiGi Konwin

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More advanced techniques for active meditation will have subliminal messages and/or auditory affirmations depending upon what goals you would like to accomplish. Some are called self-hypnosis cds but they really arerepparttar same as guided meditations. These are helpful in keeping you on track during your meditation. It is very easy to lose your focus when you meditate and have your thoughts drift off to other areas. Concentrating on listening torepparttar 150100 cds will help you maintain your focus.

Where can you get these cds and how much do they cost? Believe it or not, some of them are free! More advanced cds with subliminal or auditory affirmations are usually less than $25. There are even guided meditations you can download from music sites. Some ofrepparttar 150101 cds require a good set of headphones.

Remember, meditation is all about relaxing and de-stressing. If you find yourself getting stressed out about relaxing, it may be helpful to use one of these meditation aids to get started.

To find out more about these meditation tools, you can do a search on google or click here.

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