How To Maximize Your Profits From Pay-Per-Click Search Engines

Written by Trevor Levine

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My profit-boosting secret is to do justrepparttar opposite: bid on all ofrepparttar 101039 least popular, least competive words. Why?

They're dirt cheap! For example, atrepparttar 101040 time of this writing, you can buyrepparttar 101041 #1 position under "full time income opportunity working from home" for just just 16 cents per click!

The secret is to find at least 100 of these less competitive words, all of which are relevant to your web site, and place bids on all of them. In this way, you can generate just as many clicks as if you bid on repparttar 101042 high-priced "business opportunity" -- but at a much lower cost per click!

How do you find 100 cheap keywords? Keep typing "core" keywords intorepparttar 101043 Search Term Suggestion Tool. For example,repparttar 101044 phrase "home based" will yield dozens of additional keyword phrases you can bid on. Good luck!

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6 Points to Make Your Postcards Pop!

Written by Mitone Bennett

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from personal experience!) It's best to back up your first mailing with a second and third to keep your Branding FRESH! And when cards are only 12 cents apiece, it won't be too expensive! 3. Make sure you send your cards torepparttar right people! Use a targeted mailing list, or your own database of previous customers. You can find a good mailing list by researching "mailing lists" at yahoo. 4. Tell EXACTLY what it is you're selling right away! Remember repparttar 101038 5-second rule. 5. Do not put too much on a postcard. The best thing to do is just sell one product per mailing. 6. Both sides of your card should sell. Don't neglectrepparttar 101039 "address" side, as that isrepparttar 101040 one folks look at to see ifrepparttar 101041 mail is theirs!

Mitone Bennett is a Web & Graphics Designer, as well as the Marketing Director for a huge Bed & Breakfast in Southwest Kansas. Read more marketing ideas at her site . Be sure and enter her Business Card Makeover Contest while you're there! Reach her at

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