How To Market A Seminar

Written by Matt Bacak

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Local paper. Get a price quote from your local paper. Small town publications will usually cost less than $500 dollars, while metropolitan areas can run as much as $2000.

Mailers. Direct mail is always a popular choice, but tends to cost a bit more to execute. Consider forgoingrepparttar expensive four color brochure in place of a targeted letter, hand signed. They cost a lot less to reproduce and tend to draw more attention than a mass mailer. Postcards are also an inexpensive way to reach a large group of people. Consider sending your mailers to pre-existing customers or you can buy a targeted mailing list from companies like

No matter what method you choose, try to get your campaign rolling 2-3 weeks prior torepparttar 145036 seminar. The marketing pieces should be in their hands within that time, anything before or after will likely go unnoticed.

Now that you have attendees, you need to focus onrepparttar 145037 seminar itself. There are many barriers to adult learning, but they are easy to overcome. The main one that I have come across has to do withrepparttar 145038 format ofrepparttar 145039 class. You want to create an environment that will encourage teamwork and participation. The instructor plays a huge role inrepparttar 145040 overall feel ofrepparttar 145041 seminar. They need to guiderepparttar 145042 students torepparttar 145043 right answers, allowing them to try to findrepparttar 145044 answers in their workbooks or among each other. When creating a workbook, keeprepparttar 145045 sentences short and torepparttar 145046 point. Avoid grammatical errors and long drawn out paragraphs. When possible, use bullet points to break up large amounts of data. Ifrepparttar 145047 subject warrants it, add plenty of graphics or screenshots. Over 65% ofrepparttar 145048 general population is visual learners, so make sure to give them plenty to see.

Last but not least, focus onrepparttar 145049 seminar itself. Donít get caught up in catered lunches or complex setups. Offer tea and coffee and plenty of breaks throughoutrepparttar 145050 day. They are there to learn and hopefully give you their money,repparttar 145051 rest is just details!

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Stop Buying Email Lists

Written by Michelle Lehoux

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Though this is a very straight forward concept, this is still one ofrepparttar most challenging aspects of email marketing campaigns. We realize that building your own email list from scratch can be an intimidating task, but if you start doing it regularly you will be shocked withrepparttar 145035 number of targeted email addresses you will collect in a short period of time.

Start sending emails to people who are actually interested in what your organization has to say. Concentrate your marketing efforts on targeted email lists and you will notice a huge increase in your open rates and sales. Email marketing definitely works- you just have to do itrepparttar 145036 right way.


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