How To Make The Online Sales Copy For Your Website More Conversational

Written by Evelyn Lim

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8.You need proof? 9.Think about it…. 10.The result after 2 weeks? 11.Having said that… 12.You may be asking…. 13.The reality is…. 14.Allow me to share my story… 15.Back to what I was saying… 16.Now, what was my first point about? 17.Hang on! Wait a minute! 18.Make no mistakes about this… 19.Still not convinced? How about I throw in a couple more freebies? 20.Andrepparttar worst part is…. 21.Andrepparttar 140792 best part is…. 22.Your eyes playing tricks on you? No, you read that right… 23.I dare say… 24.I assure you…. 25.Want to know a secret? 26.I’ve just letrepparttar 140793 cat out ofrepparttar 140794 bag by sharing with you….. 27.It’s amazing, isn’t it? 28.Do you know what happenend? 29.And then… 30.Let me just recap quickly here…

If you findrepparttar 140795 above 30 phrases useful, I suggest you bookmark this article and any other great sales letters that you come across. Keep these pieces in a separate folder. Whenever you feelrepparttar 140796 need to, just open up this folder, lift these “conversational phrases” and inject them into your very own copy!

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High Powered Ways To Increase Your Website Traffic

Written by Dan Brown

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6. Combine your products or services into one big package deal with other businesses offerings. You could share a web site and advertiserepparttar package deal; which means doublerepparttar 140791 traffic.

7. Submit your freebie torepparttar 140792 online directories that list your particular item or service for free. If you're offering a free e-zine, submit it to allrepparttar 140793 free e-zine directories onrepparttar 140794 internet.

8. Participate on message boards. Post answers to other people's questions, ask questions and post appropriate information. Include your signature file atrepparttar 140795 end of all your postings.

9. Exchange classified or sponsor ads with other free e-zine publishers. If there is a huge subscriber difference between e-zines, one can run more ads to make up for it.

10. Post your ad on free advertising areas onrepparttar 140796 internet. You can post it on free classified ad sites, free for all links sites, newsgroups that allow ads, free yellow page directories, etc.

Dan Brown has been active in internet marketing for the past 4 years. Dan currently is working with the Zabang search engine, introducing their new affiliate program which is due out July, 2005.

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