How To Make Perfume

Written by Richard Wong

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The second most important thing is that there are 3 key ingredients to a perfume recipe: essential oils (extracts from various plants, organic or non-organic, that combined, give yourepparttar smell of your perfume), pure grain alcohol and water.

Another thing you should know about oils, plant extracts is that there are 3 different types of oils which will ultimately influencerepparttar 148178 smell of your perfume in time. The base notes will berepparttar 148179 scent that will stayrepparttar 148180 longest on your skin and that is why it is usually added first inrepparttar 148181 mixture. The middle notes will also influencerepparttar 148182 smell ofrepparttar 148183 perfume for a pretty long time, although not as long asrepparttar 148184 base notes, whilerepparttar 148185 top notes will giverepparttar 148186 perfume its specific scent when just applied. The top notes will be added torepparttar 148187 mixture afterrepparttar 148188 middle notes and may be followed by some other substance to bridgerepparttar 148189 scents. It is very important that you mixrepparttar 148190 extracts inrepparttar 148191 given order and that you use a sufficient quantity of each type, usuallyrepparttar 148192 same for all three.

Last, but not least, here’s a list ofrepparttar 148193 most easily found oils that may lead you to your dream perfume:

1. Base notes – sandal wood, vanilla, cinnamon, mosses, lichens, ferns;

2. Middle notes – lemongrass, geranium, neroli, ylang-ylang;

3. Top notes – orchid, rose, bergamot, lavender, lemon, lime.

One more thought to take into consideration above all… have fun!

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Making Colorful Soaps

Written by Richard Wong

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Let this set for 24 hours covered, unmold your soap, cut, and you should have a nice tri-colored bar of soap with a triangle torepparttar side. I have found these soaps to be much sought after by customers as they are a nice novelty for their bathroom decor.

Another way to put nice designs in your soap would be to use a mold that makes individual bars of soaps instead of blocks.

First, make a plain white base to fill your mold. Then remove a cup or two from your batch. Add colorant torepparttar 148177 cup of mixture, and then pour this into a cake-decorating bag. Use this mixture to write colorful designs ontorepparttar 148178 bottom of your mold.

Once you have completed this, then CAREFULLY spoon your white base mixture on top of this, being very careful not to disturb your writings.

Once you have spooned a few inches over your writings, then you can carefully pourrepparttar 148179 rest of your soap into your mold (do this in one corner so that should your writing be disturbed only one section will be messed up). Let this set for 24 to 48 hours. Unmold and cut into bars.

When you unmold your soap,repparttar 148180 bottoms will have your designs permanently embedded into your bars of soap. This is yet another intriguing method used to decorate your soaps.

Be creative and above all, have FUN!

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