How To Make New Year's Resolutions That Work

Written by David Brewster

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All goals need to be REALISTIC. This can be a hard aspect to pin down because it is easy to underestimate ourselves and therefore aim for less than our potential. I know thatrepparttar Victorian Bike Ride is a realistic goal because thousands of people like me do it every year. Onrepparttar 124032 other hand, if I were to set myselfrepparttar 124033 goal of riding inrepparttar 124034 Tour de France, atrepparttar 124035 age of 37 and with no prior training, that would be unrealistic!

Having set a 'big' goal that meetsrepparttar 124036 four criteria above, it is critical that we apply a TIME FRAME to our goal. Our day-to-day goals usually have pre-set time frames or deadlines. Ever known a family to eat Christmas dinner on Boxing Day because they missedrepparttar 124037 deadline? Business goals are often set byrepparttar 124038 boss or by clients. This is where 'big' goals often fall down. Because they are OUR goals, it is very easy to find reasons to put them off, or not to set time limits at all. A goal without a time frame is no goal at all because (a) we can't monitor progress and (b) something else will always be more important.

There is one more important aspect to setting 'big' goals: WRITE THEM DOWN.

Writing goals down has numerous benefits: -Writing somehow makesrepparttar 124039 goal 'real'. It acquires a weight that cannot be achieved ifrepparttar 124040 goal is kept in your head.

Putting a goal into words on paper forces you to think it through. It gives you an opportunity to testrepparttar 124041 goal for 'SMARTness'. Writing facilitates 'going public' - telling business associates, friends or family what you are trying to achieve. This in itself increasesrepparttar 124042 chances of achievingrepparttar 124043 goal. Importantly, writing gives yourepparttar 124044 starting point for planningrepparttar 124045 achievement of your goal. Having written downrepparttar 124046 'big' goal, you can now write downrepparttar 124047 intermediate goals you will need to achieve to get there. If each of these intermediate goals is also SMART, you have a solid basis for monitoring your progress. So there you have it. Sure, plenty more can be written - at least 113 books attest to that. Butrepparttar 124048 biggest challenge is not HOW to set goals. It is actually DOING IT - without overlookingrepparttar 124049 basics.

And if you've had time to read this far, you have time to write down at least one 'big', SMART goal for 2002 right now. Get to it!

*********** David Brewster, December 2001

After 10 years as a line manager in manufacturing, and four years as a consultant, my goal is now to fight the constant war against the complexity which too often hampers business progress.

In my consulting and coaching work, I perform business analysis, design and facilitate business process improvement and educate people at all levels about how they could do their jobs more simply.

Bullet Proof Yourself

Written by Josh Hinds

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I believe thatrepparttar person with several skills (i.e. something to fall back on) worries less about things that are out of their control. Things like downturns inrepparttar 124031 economy, corporate layoffs and things along those lines. The reason is not always that he or she is less prone to these unfortunate realities then you or I.

Rather, it's that through acquiring extra skill sets they don't feel as though they are "locked" in to one particular job or career. They are for all practical purposes more flexible with regards to opporunities inrepparttar 124032 market place.

My friend, I urge you to get started now onrepparttar 124033 path of adding to your portfolio of skills. You deserverepparttar 124034 peace of mind that comes with it. Keep in mind that you don't have to set out to changerepparttar 124035 world. Start small and finish big. Develop yourself, and your world will evolve around you... Your friend in cyberspace, Josh Hinds

Josh Hinds is a syndicated columnist on the subject of personal development, and founder of the web site - as well as the ezines - Let's Talk Motivation! Subscribe at

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