How To Make More Money With Affiliate Programs

Written by Mario Sanchez

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4) Managing your affiliate programs can be a hassle if you have to deal with many different companies. Try to sign up with a site that administers many affiliate programs to chose from (one ofrepparttar best out there are Commission Junction [] and []). These sites give you hundreds of affiliate programs to chose from, and act as a one-stop shop where you can sign up with multiple vendors using only one account and receiving one consolidated commission check.

5) Chose affiliate partners that offer long term cookies. A cookie is a mechanism that allowsrepparttar 102462 destination site to know when a visitor is referred by your site. A long term cookie (for example, a three months cookie) means that a visitor who follows a link to one of your affiliate partners today but doesn't purchase anything, can come back and purchase at anytime duringrepparttar 102463 next three months and you will still be paid a commission. The best programs are those who offer unlimited cookies (although there are not so many of them around). However, a 90-day cookie or more is very good.

6) Link directly torepparttar 102464 product page and not torepparttar 102465 main page ofrepparttar 102466 destination site. If you link torepparttar 102467 main page,repparttar 102468 visitor will have to find its way torepparttar 102469 product and may not find it, making you lose commissions. By linking directly torepparttar 102470 product, you will increaserepparttar 102471 prospects ofrepparttar 102472 visitor buyingrepparttar 102473 product (and of you making a commission). Many destination sites, like Amazon, recognize this fact and offer a higher commission to affiliates that link directly torepparttar 102474 product pages than to those who only link torepparttar 102475 main page.

Follow these simple guidelines and you will improve your chances of success with all your affiliate programs.

Mario Sanchez publishes The Internet Digest ( ) a collection of tips and suggestions to help you design a better website and market it more effectively.

Are You Making These Mistakes With Your Affiliate Program?

Written by Jeff Smith

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For example, you have a book on computer security. Who might you target?

Sites that deal with computer software, PC support, PC utilities, computer games, DSL (which creates a more vulnerable "always on" connection to your PC)

Success Tip 3: Make Sure Your Product Has A PSP!

What's your Powerful Selling Proposition?

If you had to write one sentence describingrepparttar ultimate benefit of your product - what would it be?

For example...Forrepparttar 102461 security book -- "This Secure Your PC Book will making Bulletproofind Your PC as simple as Turning It on!"

If you don't have a PSP - you better get one RIGHT NOW!!

The Ultimate Information Entrepreneur's Success Package can help you create or fine-tune your products to attract massive demand...

Not only doesrepparttar 102462 fate of your affiliate program depend on this - so does your entire online marketing success.

Success Tip 4: Your Affiliates Are People To

It's to easy to sign up hundreds, even thousands of affiliates and look at them as numbers or JUST names.

Make your affiliate program stand out by contacting your affiliates - personally, either via personal email, telephone, or regular newsletter.

Help them be more successful with their affiliate marketing.

Yanik Silver has writtenrepparttar 102463 book on nurturing his affiliates -- his main success for...

Another master of affiliate follow up is Marlon Sanders of...

Success Tip 5: Continue To Improve Your Business

To keep your most successful affiliates, you'll want to keep providing new products for them to earn money with.

They can only market a single product to their lists so often -- if you have more products coming through your pipeline, you'll find those affiliates will stay with you and work with you to a greater extent.

In addition - plan your price points and margins for your products with affiliate marketing in mind.

Can you turn your $27 eBook into a $67 course?

How about a $197 multimedia course?

Many super affiliates will not even LOOK at a product unless it sells for at least $50 and they get 45%+ of that product.

This does depend onrepparttar 102464 market, butrepparttar 102465 principle holds true -- higher payouts will motivate super affiliates to be more active, longer.

Don't underestimaterepparttar 102466 power of affiliate programs.

Joint ventures and affiliate programs go hand-in-hand.

These two ADVANCED marketing techniques can easily meanrepparttar 102467 difference between struggling online to making a very good living online.

Now you know how!

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