How To Make Money Selling Domain Names

Written by Wayne Ford

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Unclaimed Domains -

DNSIndex Expired Domains -

These lists are literally worth thousands of dollars. To get repparttar lists all you have to do is subscribe, which is easy and cheap. Then each week you will receive a fresh list of expired domains in your email inbox.

You may also purchase a custom keyword search inrepparttar 108330 recently expired domain name pool from DNS research - .

Other tools to help you find great domain names:

DNS Research - sells lists of all available Dictionary Word .COM, .NET, and .ORG domain names. They also offer lists of remaining three character domain names.

DNS Index - - sells lists of available three character and four character domain names as well as custom searches ofrepparttar 108331 expired domain pool.

FREE tools to help you find great domain names: offers a free weekly e-zine that includes a list of over 200 high quality expired and available domain names. The website also has tons of domain related links, resources, services, news and more. has a great search engine that recommends available domain names based on a keyword you enter. has a search engine that does pretty muchrepparttar 108332 same thing except you have to click on each name individually to see if it is available.


After you find some good domain names, you will need to register them. Not too long agorepparttar 108333 cost to register a domain name was $70 for two years. But with new regulations andrepparttar 108334 distribution of registering privilegesrepparttar 108335 cost of registration has become more affordable. Meaning more profit for you! You can now register a domain name for as little as $14 for a year. One place to do this is at


The most effective place onrepparttar 108336 Internet to sell your domain names is on auction sites. List them first on,, and There are also domain name brokers that will list your site for free, a fee when sold, a fee to list, or both a fee to list and when sold. is a great high traffic site to list on and you only pay them only a small percentage when you sell your domain. If you have a good domain name, and your price is right it won't be long before a buyer bids or contacts you.

Many new domain sellers makerepparttar 108337 mistake of trying to sell every domain name for thousands of dollars. When, in fact, you will do much better selling more domains for a few hundred dollars. This way you will have a much higher turn around rate. Remember you are registeringrepparttar 108338 names for $14 and if you sell one for even $200 that is still a huge 2600% profit!


As you can see, domain name buying and selling is a good way to make a great deal of money. It's very easy and you can do it in your spare time. Get started today by subscribing free to, subscribing to DNSIndex - (instant access to expired domains) and any ofrepparttar 108339 other available and expired domain lists listed above. Register with and and begin selling! Good Luck!

This publication was written by Wayne Ford, "And you thought all the good domains were taken!"

OF COURSE you need a domain!

Written by George Kosch

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3. The autoresponse system is your system and not some freebie from somewhere onrepparttar net. Check out these examples.

A. Your own Sales Manager message looks like:

Hi John, thanks for requesting information on our opportunies.

Here isrepparttar 108329 information with our url and our professional looking email addresses


B. This is what a free autoresponse system looks like:

Hi John, this message is brought to you by

-------------------------------------------------- Joe Blows FREE autoresponse system. We are free and you should click on our link without even reading further. Here is our url

We have other free items listed here too etc. ----end advertisement for autoresponse company----

Sorry John we forgot about you becauserepparttar 108330 free company put their ad up first before we could tell you about our products. Oh, if you missed their ad just checkrepparttar 108331 bottom of this message as they have added it again.

Are you sure you don't want to buy something from US? Please, because if you do we can afford our own domain and sales manager system...

Do you getrepparttar 108332 picture as it unfolds more and more. No domain=NO CREDIBILITY!

4. Listservers are going to make 99% of your sales. Listservers allow you to communication to past clients and subscribers ever single day. The cost for a listserver should be around $200 per year and allow you UNLIMITED postings. Again,repparttar 108333 free listbot type systems will pepper your message with their ads leaving you with little chance of success. And, it makes you look cheap and unprofessional.

Owning your own listserver promotes your domain and YOUR ads, no ifs and or buts!!

Butrepparttar 108334 company that I am with won't let me have my own site. Remember that statement? I bet it doesn't make much sense anymore does it? You should be telling that company:

"My domain generates leads and if I feel your products meet MY specifications I may tell me hundreds of leads aboutrepparttar 108335 site url you gave me, but first they will be directed to my company"

Nothing like being professional and having pride in your business first. At least you know for sure that you will be around in 10, 20 even 30 years, WILL THEY BE??

If you would like to find out about how to getrepparttar 108336 tools you need for success with your own domain just withrepparttar 108337 subject: I want my own domain!

George Kosch MSc. is Webmaster for, a renowned technology services consultant and educator. He has appeared as a speaker in several technology seminars and on Canadian television as an industry expert. For other helpfulinformation on how to grow your business, go to Subscribe to Worldprofit's business-building newsletters at

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