How To Make Money 24 Hours A Day!!

Written by John Colanzi

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The best place to start is withrepparttar classified ad. Classified ads have beenrepparttar 117798 backbone of marketers both on-line and off.

Studyrepparttar 117799 successful ads of other marketers. Use them as a starting point for developing your own ads. Don't copy their ads, use them as a guide to writing your own successful ads.

Start you campaign withrepparttar 117800 many sources of Free advertising online.

<> Free classifieds sites. <> Free ezine advertising. <> Business related newsgroups. <> Business Forums

The list is endless!

Now we get torepparttar 117801 secret used by heavy hitters in mail order and onrepparttar 117802 internet.

Once you begin to make sales from your free advertising expand your efforts through paid advertising. Use your profits to increaserepparttar 117803 number of eyes seeing your ad. The key is multiplying your exposure.

It's that simple!

When starting your business you must put your profits back into more advertising. To do otherwise isrepparttar 117804 fast-track to failure.

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Organization Tips That Add More Hours To Your Day

Written by Diane Hughes

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--->> Automate and Delegate

When those routine tasks start taking up valuable money making time in your schedule, it's time to either automate or delegate.

It's all a matter of how you use your time - make money or waste money. You can earn money each hour by performing work or you can waste money by doing every little thing yourself. There are several options you can look into in this area.

Software - There is software available today that will do practically everything! GoldMine or ACT can automate almost all of your contact information, e-mailings, prospect follow-ups, appointments and much, MUCH more. Outlook is an exceptional 'Day Timer' type tool that can help with scheduling as well as email. SystemWorks can automatically maintain your computer's "inner workings" and automatically update your virus protection. There's a program to do practically anything you need.

Assistance - I knowrepparttar first thing most small business owners scream is "I can't afford an assistant"! Maybe not one that comes to your home and spends eight hours a day with you, but you CAN afford a virtual assistant, a college or a high school student.

A virtual assistant is someone who handles projects or duties for you "virtually" from their computer. Perhaps you need to have a report proofread. Just email it to him/her and, once it's done, they'll email it back to you. Virtual Assistants can also schedule appointments, follow up with clients, return routine email inquiries and perform numerous other tasks.

You can also check withrepparttar 117797 career development or job placement offices of local high schools and colleges. They often have students who are willing to work in exchange for a small fee or forrepparttar 117798 experience itself.

Whatever you do - makerepparttar 117799 most of your time. Being unorganized not only wastes hours of your day that you could be making money, but it also is a tremendous stress producer. Getting your office, your schedule and your day in order can make for a much more fulfilling and profitable business.

Diane Hughes is an accomplished internet entrepreneur and editor of the popular ProBizTips Newsletter. You can learn more about Diane and her success in helping many start a home business and make money from home by clicking below:

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