How To Make A Sure Profit From The Internet In Your First Month For Those Just Starting Out & Working On A Shoestring Budget

Written by Tukshad Engineer

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Researchrepparttar topic you have chosen - Visit a few search engines such as Google and Yahoo and type in some keywords and see what type of websites spring up. Are there many sites selling products on your chosen topic? Some competition is actually a good thing - it indicates that a market exists - you just want to ensure that you don't have too much competition (internet marketing is a good example of a field that has far too much competition to make it worthwhile for a newbie). Make a list of allrepparttar 116940 ezines, discussion lists, forums and websites that exist about your topic - take a look atrepparttar 116941 top 20 and try and get a feel for how they are making money. Are they selling a product? Are they earning cash via affiliate commissions? When researching use google as well asrepparttar 116942 following free tools and sites: This free and invaluable site will show you how many searches were done in Overtures search engine on a particular keyword, for a particular month. This will help you discover how much interest there is for your niche. Find discussion groups for your topic and see whatrepparttar 116943 experts in that field are talking about. Other good discussion lists include and What you're trying to do here is come up with a niche idea and then understand that idea inside out. What products are being sold inrepparttar 116944 niche? Which products are hot? Which are considered inferior? Spend a whole day on researching your niche idea and more if you have to. Spend an hour each day on top forums - You really can learn a great deal onrepparttar 116945 best internet forums and it will help give you ideas and learn from successful people. My two favourites are (both are free). Start readingrepparttar 116946 conversations that are going on and determine which ofrepparttar 116947 posters seem to berepparttar 116948 Gurus. Don't feel you have to post anything just yet - right now you're more interested in learning all that you can. Byrepparttar 116949 end of day 2 you should have a product idea that you feel will generate good interest.

Accepting Payment Online Day 3 If you want an online business it's vital that you haverepparttar 116950 ability to handle credit card payments. If this sounds like a nightmare don't worry, there are many online payment processors who will handlerepparttar 116951 payment from your customers on your behalf - all you have to do is give them a small commission from your sales proceeds. If you've ever used eBay to buy or sell then you're probably already familiar with - sign up for a free sellers account. Once this is done all that's left is to createrepparttar 116952 actual product. Another good payment processor is but they charge a $49 activation fee. If you find that your product generates good interest it may be worth signing up with them as you get an in-built affiliate program. But for now Paypal is just fine. You're doing quite well so far - so far you've come up with an idea and have set-up your Paypal account. Read your goals again - this will really help create a positive mood as you're already a step closer toward reaching them.

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Dealing with Backorders

Written by Chris Malta

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Now, this may sound like I'm making it up for effect, but I swear it's true: I handled another order forrepparttar exact same product onrepparttar 116939 same day, andrepparttar 116940 woman who placedrepparttar 116941 order experiencedrepparttar 116942 same delay. A couple of hours after receivingrepparttar 116943 nasty-gram from my friend above, I got an email from this woman. She thanked me for my persistence in following up her backorder, and told me she would definitely be back to shop withrepparttar 116944 site again. That's what makes it worth dealing with all this inrepparttar 116945 first place! Here arerepparttar 116946 things that I've learned about backorders during my time in this business. Internet customers are forrepparttar 116947 most part "instant gratification" junkies. They want it NOW. Because of this, backorder situations must be handled immediately. Don't wait even a day. Call them, or email them. (A call is usually appreciated more than an email, but you have to watch your phone bill). If you think a product might be questionable as far as stock status, check withrepparttar 116948 distributor before chargingrepparttar 116949 customer's card. You get a feel for which items are stocked less than others after a while. You can always refundrepparttar 116950 charge, but it's better if you can tell them you have not charged them yet. Always offer to cancel. Chances are they won't, because then they have to go search forrepparttar 116951 product again and hope they don't get backordered somewhere else, butrepparttar 116952 offer to cancel must be there. It tells them that you are not desperate forrepparttar 116953 sale, and gives yourepparttar 116954 advantage inrepparttar 116955 conversation. Be nice. Even if you are grinding your teeth. You can't afford to lose your grip. You never know when one episode of lost temper will come back to bite you. Follow up duringrepparttar 116956 backorder period. Send at least one email saying that you are monitoringrepparttar 116957 situation, and are sorry forrepparttar 116958 delay. That is a great tactic for defusing an impatient person; at least they know you are thinking about them. If there is an additional delay, offer to cancel again. They may actually take you up on it if it's a long delay, but you don't lose anything ifrepparttar 116959 distributor has not yet shipped. When you receive word thatrepparttar 116960 product has shipped, informrepparttar 116961 customer. They appreciate that, and again, realize that you are at least thinking about them. Most people understand backorders, and will give you no trouble. In fact, most are very appreciative if you contact them right away. Sometimes, you getrepparttar 116962 trouble customers. Deal with them politely, and never lose your temper. Berepparttar 116963 bigger person. I always check my return emails to these people twice. There are times when I've let some temper slip in to my writing, and I'm sure to remove it before clickingrepparttar 116964 send button. It only ends up helping you inrepparttar 116965 long run! Chris Malta WorldWide Brands, Inc. For more information, visit

Chris Malta is a Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer. He has worked with computer Systems for 18 years. He's been involved in eCommerce systems, networking and site design for more than 6 years. He's taught college-level computer courses in Western NY. He developed The Drop Ship Source Directory, and he and his partners at Worldwide Brands, Inc., publish the Directory and run eCommerce sites of their own using Drop Shipping as their only business method.

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