How To List Your Items On eBay

Written by Lewis Leake

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Sell by Lots

If you have two or more of one item, you can list it as a "lot.” For example, if you had five bottles of suntan lotion purchased from a salvage store for .50 each, and you decided to list them on eBay for $1.00 each, rather than list each one separately, another option is to sell them as a lot. Often times, people perform their search based on lots. However, if you had one bottle of suntan lotion, one bottle of regular lotion, and one bottle of aloe vera, you would want to list them as their own item.


While auctions without photographs can and do sell, auctions with photographs sell much better. People like visualizations and want to see what their money is getting them. Make sure your photograph is clear, focused, and depending onrepparttar item (such as rings, shoes, etc.), offers more than just a straight view.

Size and Weight

If possible, stay with items that are smaller and lightweight. Remember that whatever you sell, you have to ship. Items such as furniture, lawnmowers, etc. are generally sold through a manufacturer or wholesaler. As an independent seller, you want to sell items that are easy to manage.

Shipping Options

Set up accounts with several overnight couriers such as Federal Express and UPS. Once again,repparttar 141327 more options offered,repparttar 141328 better your auction will be received.


It is important to listrepparttar 141329 city and state where you are located. Not only does this helprepparttar 141330 buyer determine shipping to make sure you are not overcharging them but if you are selling larger items such as furniture, automobiles, or appliances whererepparttar 141331 buyer would have to pickrepparttar 141332 items up, it would let them know if they want to bid based on location. As an example, if you have a refrigerator for sale and you live in New York, someone from California is not going to drive clear acrossrepparttar 141333 country just to pick uprepparttar 141334 appliance whereas onrepparttar 141335 East Coast might.


Some people fail to include information about accessories. This is very important since many times people are looking specifically forrepparttar 141336 accessories/attachments that go along withrepparttar 141337 items. What if you were buying a weed eater but had a bad back? You need one that has a good shoulder strap. Ifrepparttar 141338 buyer visits your auction and findsrepparttar 141339 weed eater, you are selling to be exactly what they are looking for andrepparttar 141340 price is right but there is no strap, you have lost a sale. Include all accessory/attachment information even if you think it has no value.


When selling antiques or collectibles, you should provide a history ofrepparttar 141341 items. If you have artwork for sale in your auction, providerepparttar 141342 buyer with its origin. People love to have history, especially when it comes to collectibles, which is part of what adds to its value. Without embellishing, makerepparttar 141343 story a good one.

Keeping Good Records

You need to establish a sound recording system. This system would consist ofrepparttar 141344 item name, any associated reserve price (although not recommended for your auction), description, flaws, buyer’s name, price sold for, payment received date, etc. This helps to ensurerepparttar 141345 entire transaction for that item is complete from beginning to end and provides you with information should you need to list that same item or a similar item. Additionally,repparttar 141346 record will help you know what your income was, based solely on your specific auctions.


If you choose to use eBay’s checkout system, make sure every box is checked when you list your items. This option can be helpful when used correctly, but can also be confusing.

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Marketing your Home Business through Newsletters

Written by Paul Jesse

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Most of these budget newsletter services offer free trial periods, online tutorials and some form of live help, via either a toll-free number or live online option. They do their best to offer more, to ensure you will choose their particular service.

You should be able to find one of these services by doing a simple online search. Packages start at just $10.00 per month. Many offer a 30-day free trial, unlimited subscriber lists, unlimited email layouts and unlimited campaigns. Some also offer image hosting which eliminatesrepparttar need to place newsletter images on your website.

Submit your newsletter information to various no-cost online newsletter directories or submit a press release. You will certainly notice an increase in subscriber numbers. You won’t receive hundreds of subscribers overnight, but you will attract readers that probably would not have found you otherwise. Let’s face it, every new subscriber is a potential customer and obtaining new customers is what you are striving for!

Newsletters do work. With a little effort on your part they will work for you, even if your marketing budget is a small one.

Paul Jesse is a retired government employee and author of numerous home business articles.

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