How To Keep It Working Longer

Written by Robin Edwards

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* replacement spigots The tank must be Drained of it's water first.

Newer units can be safely drained since their is no sediment build up yet.

Connect a garden hose torepparttar drain spigot and lead it to a floor drain. You can drainrepparttar 100173 tank into a sink, but allrepparttar 100174 water will not run out becauserepparttar 100175 hose will be held higher thanrepparttar 100176 bottom ofrepparttar 100177 tank.

(Since you only have to drainrepparttar 100178 water andrepparttar 100179 bottom ofrepparttar 100180 tank to flush outrepparttar 100181 sediment,that's all right.

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A to Z Inc. (cleaning, maintenance, catering, & organizing services)

Written by Paula Hale

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Contact Paula , owner & operator (615) 403-0311 phn (615) 223-1668 mess & fax email

A to Z Inc. has been in buisness for over 30+ years. Locally owned & operated. Excellent service at reasonable cost. Servicing Nashville & the surounding areas.

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