"How To Increase Your Net Worth By $20,000 to $100,000 On Every Real Estate Investing Deal You Do"

Written by Robert K. Lear

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First, "Investor A" finds a great real estate deal with a lot of equity. Typically, Investor A will have spent a significant amount of time, money and expertise to findrepparttar deal, negotiaterepparttar 145222 term and getrepparttar 145223 property under contract. By puttingrepparttar 145224 property under contract, Investor A now has control ofrepparttar 145225 property, andrepparttar 145226 equity inrepparttar 145227 property.

(For this example, imagine that Investor A has found a property worth $200,000 and has set a purchase price of $115,000 and he also knows that there are $15,000 in repairs, which leaves an equity position of $70,000).

Second, "Investor A" finds another party, "Investor B". Investor B recognizes thatrepparttar 145228 contract that Investor A has established is worth $70,000 in equity, and so he strikes a deal with Investor A to turnrepparttar 145229 deal over to Investor B in exchange for some amount of cash (we'll userepparttar 145230 value of $12,000 in this example).

So Investor A is giving up $70,000 in "potential" profit in exchange for $12,000 in current profit. And Investor A is paying $12,000 because he believes he can make more than that onrepparttar 145231 deal, since there's a full $70,000 of equity.

This deal between Investor A and Investor B is called an "Assignment", because Investor A is assigningrepparttar 145232 contract to Investor B.

Third, Investor B does his "due diligence" to confirm thatrepparttar 145233 deal is as good as he thinks it is.

Finally, Investor B closesrepparttar 145234 purchase ofrepparttar 145235 property, and Investor "A" receivesrepparttar 145236 assignment fee from Investor B.

This is, obviously, a simplification ofrepparttar 145237 process. But this is essentially how it works - not so difficult, is it?

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Help! My Computerís Being Invaded

Written by Donna Monday

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Your best defense against viruses and spyware is to download a good anti-spyware software program that will seek out and destroy your computerís enemies with speed and precision. And oncerepparttar pesky invaders are gone, youíll want that program to keep up-to-date onrepparttar 145221 newest threats, and destroy those too.

The best anti-spyware software will scan your computer for free so you have an idea of how many spyware invaders are actually hiding inside your hard drive Ė waiting to strike. Youíll be surprised at what youíll find.

Itís such a relief when youíre finally able to surfrepparttar 145222 Internet again with no pop up ads interfering an no waiting for your slow as molasses computer to get from point A to point B due to itís being overloaded with unwanted spyware invaders.

Itís easy to drive those invaders away with only a few mouse clicks. Iíve done it, and you can too. Isnít your peace of mind worth it?

Iíve reclaimed my computer and now Iím able to enjoy surfingrepparttar 145223 Net once again. And, just like in countless space invader movies whererepparttar 145224 world is saved, you can experience a happy ending to your spyware troubles as well.

Donna Monday Copyright 2005 Are Pop Up Ads pooping out your computer? Is Spyware stealing your privacy? http://www.1minutesolutions.com/Freespywarescan.html

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