How To Increase Affiliate Click-Through Rate

Written by Khairil Iszuddin Ismail

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3 - Do not sell, recommend

Another thing that visitors don't really like is when you are hard-sellingrepparttar products or services. I have seen websites that goes "Buy This" or "Buy That". Instead try "When I triedrepparttar 102480 trail Product A, it has improve my bla... bla... [link]Download your copy


4 - Write clear phrase for you affiliate link

Affiliate programs would normally give you a URL address to link back to them. It is up to you to writerepparttar 102481 phrases for your links. But give a clear picture of what your visitors are aboutrepparttar 102482 see atrepparttar 102483 other end ofrepparttar 102484 link. Use phrases like "Download your copy here" or " are selling them for $9.90".

5 - Do not let them escape

Now to do this, write clear stories and leave them with just one place to go - your merchant's website. The key here is, put up one link and one link only. Of course, atrepparttar 102485 top, you can have your navigational links. But atrepparttar 102486 end ofrepparttar 102487 pagel, do not cloud visitors with related websites, or related articles, or any other links except you affiliate link. That is where we want them to go right?

With these techniques, I see that my CTR increases fromrepparttar 102488 normal 2% to 20%. On normal days, I should get about 10% to 15% CTR. But remember to always monitor your CTR to spotrepparttar 102489 changes. Then, be sure that you continue to fine-tune your website from time to time.

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4 Steps To Affiliate Success And The Real Deal!

Written by Anthony Farrell

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Step 2: Increase Conversion Rates. Offer incentives to those who buy through your affiliate link. For example… free ebooks, software, ecourses, etc. People love gifts.

Step 3: Increase Your Profits Per Sale. You could raiserepparttar price of your product or service. Or you could raise your commission per sale, especially if you can pull in good sales forrepparttar 102479 program you are promoting. Just askrepparttar 102480 program owner or manager. You could also get more affiliates into your program or joint venture with more potential partners (this is extremely powerful).

Step 4: Sell More To Existing Customers. This isrepparttar 102481 main one. Getrepparttar 102482 same customer to consume more products or services. This means more commission for you. This isrepparttar 102483 Real Affiliate Strategy! It is easier to sell to an existing customer than it is to find new customers… and it’s cheaper too. Once you have a customer, keep in regular contact with them. Don’t keep selling to them, otherwise they’ll feel used and walk away. Get them to subscribe to your newsletter. This could be a bonus for them buying your product or service. If you don’t have a newsletter, send articles to them every now and again. Make surerepparttar 102484 information you send is relevant to them. They’ll begin to trust you more and more, over time. Then, when you advertise, you will get guaranteed buyers of your product or service. Best of all, it will cost you nothing to advertise to them again!

The key strategy is Step 4, as this incorporates allrepparttar 102485 other strategies. Now this brings us torepparttar 102486 Real Deal...

Recurring Income!

This is derived from existing customers. The difference here is that when you sell a product, you make a one time profit. With a recurring income you make a monthly profit from existing customers who pay a monthly fee for your product or service. This keeps going for as long as a person remains a paying customer.

Which do you prefer… a one time profit or a continuous income from a customer for a one time effort?

I know which I’d go for!

The bottom line is to focus on affiliate programs that offer monthly commissions. Work once and get paid for as long as that customer stays a member of your program. To do this it’s best to sell a product to a person and then follow up with them afterwards. A person will more likely pay for a product than join a program where they have to pay a monthly fee. Userepparttar 102487 steps above to help you get your new customer to join your monthly program. This isrepparttar 102488 Real Deal.

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