How To Improve Your Memory By Up To 10 Times With Memory Techniques

Written by Ron Pioneer

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Knowing how to remember numbers is a huge advantage. You can remember telephone numbers, style numbers and prices in minutes. No more taking notes, now you can keep telephone numbers in your mind.

Remembering people names: with memory techniques it's a very doable task. The trick is to associate each persons name with his face. Each time when you see a persons face you will remember his name. To do so you need to find one unusual feature ofrepparttar persons face and associate it with persons name.

Remembering everyday details: have you sometimes forgot where you left your car keys or in which pocket do you keep money? With memory techniques you can completely eliminate this problem. The trick is to be originally aware - concentrate on what you are doing and you'll never forget a thing.

Memorizing long speech: with memory techniques this can be done in minutes. The trick is to give keywords for each paragraph or logical part ofrepparttar 109384 speech and then linkrepparttar 109385 keywords in a list. This way you will always know about what to talk.

Memorizing foreign vocabulary: with memory techniques memorizing sophisticated foreign words is very doable. The trick is to substituterepparttar 109386 foreign word with a word in your own language that sounds similar. Then associaterepparttar 109387 meaning ofrepparttar 109388 foreign word torepparttar 109389 substitute word. This way you'll be able to remember evenrepparttar 109390 most sophisticated foreign words really fast.

Remembering weekly appointments and meeting times with memory techniques is a very doable task. The trick is to associaterepparttar 109391 meeting withrepparttar 109392 time ofrepparttar 109393 day. This may sound quite confusing when expressed in one sentence but is very doable when you know how to do it.

Remembering anniversaries and historical dates: again it can be done with memory techniques. The trick is to associaterepparttar 109394 historical date withrepparttar 109395 event. It can be done when you know how to remember numbers. Again, it may sound confusing when said in one sentence but is very doable when you know how to do it.

As you understand, memory techniques can make you life much better. With them you don't need to struggle to remember vital information. You can apply memory techniques and remember everything effortlessly and much faster.

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Learn the Lost Art of Touch Typing

Written by Dick James

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Typing tutor software is a low-cost approach that can easily transform you from a hunt-and-pecker to a 100-word-a-minute touch-typist. There are dozens of typing programs available, including freeware and shareware programs. You need to look for a program which won’t bore you to death with tedious drills, won’t frustrate you with poor design or US spelling and which provides enough scope to let you achieve your target typing speed.

“Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing” isrepparttar leading typing instruction program, and has been one ofrepparttar 109383 top ten best-selling software titles for over 10 years. A far cry fromrepparttar 109384 first version that came out on floppy disks and had just four colours to display,repparttar 109385 latest version has a virtual classroom withrepparttar 109386 simple to understand icons. Mavis adjusts torepparttar 109387 individual problem areas onrepparttar 109388 keyboard with unbelievable insight and watches forrepparttar 109389 typist's frustration factor. It will suggest a different words per minute goal, throw in a typing game for a break, or even advise “calling it a day.”

While self-instructional software on typing has proliferated, some say they’re no replacement for supervised classes. Besides, for many programs other than “Mavis Beacon”,repparttar 109390 entertainment value seems to outweigh their educational quality. Consider Sega's “Typing ofrepparttar 109391 Dead” tutorial, for which an ad suggests, “Trade in your video game controller for a keyboard and start typing for your life.” The format is to “type” zombies to death by completing words and phrases that appear over their bodies. Some employers say that typing training must be taken more seriously.

Several training companies offer short classroom based typing training inrepparttar 109392 UK. Examples are “GO Training” in Glasgow and “Training Circle” in Northampton, where you will find instructor-led courses for around £200. For longer courses leading to a professional qualification, many local colleges offer excellent value. Learndirect is a great place to look for courses, as well asrepparttar 109393 UK Training News website.

By increasing your typing speed, you really could get more done each day. Rememberrepparttar 109394 mantra that trainingis an investment, not a cost. So put yourself onrepparttar 109395 path to blazing, machine gun-like typing by buying “Mavis” or enrolling on a touch-typing course.

About the author: Dick James is the editor of UK Training News, a free website providing articles, resources and discussion for the UK business and industrial training community. UK Training News

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