How To Identify Spam

Written by Lewis Leake

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Checkrepparttar dates and times on any email that you are unsure of. These companies know that many email programs will sortrepparttar 141348 inbox byrepparttar 141349 earliest mail sent. As a result, they place false send dates and times on their Spam hoping that you will open them first.

The worst has to berepparttar 141350 ones that seem to come from companies that you know and trust. They may claim to be from your internet service provider inrepparttar 141351 subject line or have a similar address to that company’s name. It may look like it is fromrepparttar 141352 accounts payable department of a major law firm.

Spammers count on your curiosity and hope that you will respond. Even if you don’t buy anything, they now know that your email address is connected to a live person and, if nothing else, can sell that address to someone else.

Readrepparttar 141353 To and From fields in any questionable email that you receive. Ifrepparttar 141354 To field is empty or filled with an anonymous address, then you have Spam. An anonymous address is typically something like

An address from someone that you do not know through an account at hotmail, yahoo, or msn is probably Spam. These are anonymous, easy to get accounts that spammers use and then discard when they are done. Byrepparttar 141355 timerepparttar 141356 Service Provider has been made aware that spam is originating from these accounts,repparttar 141357 spammer is gone.

Scrambled, random addresses ( from accounts like these are definitely not to be trusted regardless ofrepparttar 141358 content.

Finally, ifrepparttar 141359 email contains a story in which you are asked to do anything to help anyone, checkrepparttar 141360 story out online. There are several great websites like that will help you sort through any potential scams or hoaxes perpetuated through email.

These stories can range from silly pranks to dangerous fraud schemes and may need to be reported torepparttar 141361 proper authorities before someone, like you, finds their bank account drained.

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Evict the Spammers from Your Inbox

Written by Paul Judge, CTO, CipherTrust, Inc.

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Anti Spam Software forrepparttar Desktop The dramatic increase in spam volume has prompted a corresponding surge in stand-alone anti spam software solutions forrepparttar 139678 desktop, all with varying levels of effectiveness. Some anti spam software uses text filtering to screen incoming messages for known characteristics of spam, while other solutions rely solely on reputation systems that monitor and categorize email senders by IP address according to their sending behavior. Still other anti spam software uses “challenge/response filters” to block unapproved mail untilrepparttar 139679 sender responds (manually) to a challenge email sent to their email account to verify his or her identity.

With so many different methods of filtering spam, no single software-based desktop anti spam solution is capable of effectively stopping spam before it reachesrepparttar 139680 inbox. The only way to successfully fight spam is to create an anti spam “cocktail” including reputation services, text filters, constant updates and a host of other best-of-breed spam blocking methods. Just as importantly, an effective anti spam solution should reside atrepparttar 139681 email gateway, not atrepparttar 139682 desktop. Without protection atrepparttar 139683 gateway, mail servers waste massive amounts of bandwidth and storage space processing every message, wanted or not, and end users facerepparttar 139684 unenviable task of deciding what to do withrepparttar 139685 countless spam messages that successfully reach them.

Take a Consolidated Approach to Anti Spam Although it takes a person only a moment to process a message and identify it as spam, it is difficult to automate that human process because no single message characteristic consistently identifies spam. In fact, there are hundreds of different message characteristics that may indicate an email is spam, and an effective anti spam solution must be capable of employing multiple spam detection techniques.

In addition to effectively identifying spam, businesses must be assured that legitimate mail is not blocked in error. Even one false positive, or incorrectly blocked email, can have a significant impact on businesses today. Accurate spam blocking requires a combination of tools to examine various message criteria combined with real-time research and intelligence data.

By aggregating multiple spam detection technologies like text filtering, reputation services, traffic analysis and other best-of-breed techniques, and placingrepparttar 139686 solution atrepparttar 139687 email gateway in a hardened appliance, enterprises can retake control ofrepparttar 139688 inbox.

Dr. Paul Judge is Chief Technology Officer at CipherTrust, the industry's largest provider of enterprise email security. The company’s flagship product, IronMail provides a best of breed enterprise anti spam solution designed to stop spam, phishing attacks and other email-based threats. Learn more by visiting today.

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