How To Give Your Home More Space, Part 1

Written by Tameka Norris

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You'll notice with each level you move from top to bottom. Also notice that each level moves from ONLY taking up air space to taking up walking space.

Items that DO NOT affect your walking zone are considered to be items that take up air space.

The further up your item is positionedrepparttar freer your walking zone. Andrepparttar 125524 more space you have in your home. The highest level that you can go is Level 3.

In which an item you purchase is mounted from your ceiling.

You may have, inrepparttar 125525 past, considered furnishing your home using these three levels, but only under certain conditions. For example, you may have first wanted a floor lamp but instead decided to get a sconce installed on your wall or a chandelier mounted fromrepparttar 125526 ceiling rather than your first initial idea.

That is a situation in which all three levels are used accidentally.

But normally, you are likely to find that you have constantly left out Level 2 and Level 3 when you consider furnishing your home with a new item.

The reason for this is easy to understand--you normally see what you want and then you buy it.

And when you've done this there has been very little organization in furnishing your home.

Except withrepparttar 125527 thought of whether you have enough floor space forrepparttar 125528 item in consideration.

Before today, when you've considered purchasing an item you haven't really consideredrepparttar 125529 three levels in combination withrepparttar 125530 item that you want.

You were never taught, and never thought, much aboutrepparttar 125531 three levels because history never offered such circumstances until recently.

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On the go with your laptop

Written by Douglas Bacca

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The start plan costs $4.79 a year. Thatís right a year (you have a year to use uprepparttar minutes. If you recharge your account then youíll have a year fromrepparttar 125523 recharge date to use up your minutes).

Why pay long distance charges if you live in an area that has no internet service provider (ISP)? (Example: most phone companies in rural areas charge 7 cents / min x 60 minutes = $4.20 hour. Plus pay for an ISP. While go-tollfreeisp charges 4 cents / min times 60 minutes = $2.40 hour.

Or you do not userepparttar 125524 internet more than 20 hours a month. (Example: 1 cent / min x 60 minutes = 60 cents x 20 hours, that would = $12.00 month. Compare that to $23.95 a month for you know who! (And they are raising their rate soon!)

For more information visit, today.

Aboutrepparttar 125525 author: Douglas Bacca is a telecommunication consultant helping residential and businesses save money on their long distance. He can be reached at

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About the author: Douglas Bacca is a telecommunication consultant helping residential and businesses save money on their long distance. He can be reached at

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