How To Get Wholesale DVD Movies At Up To 90% Discount

Written by Peter Morgan

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Individuals aroundrepparttar world are now able to take advantage of prices that where once only available to wholesalers. Anyone can become a member of this site and save as much as 90% off retail prices on DVD movies. One customer was recently quoted as reporting, "I am a movie freak. Before I found your site I used to spend about $50 a week on DVD and VHS movies. Ever since I found this website I now only spend $15 a week forrepparttar 146805 same amount of DVD and VHS movies "Another customer writes, "Wholesale DVD express helped my online business. I am an Ebay Power-seller andrepparttar 146806 main thing I sell are DVD movies and electronics. I searchedrepparttar 146807 internet for hours looking for wholesale malls and closeout stores for DVD’s and couldn’t find any that compared to what DVD wholesale express has listed. On every DVD I purchase, I save at least $10.00 and I thank this website for helping me out in findingrepparttar 146808 right distributors"

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Peter Morgan is a 10+ year veteran in the IT business. He is an active Real Estate Investor and a successful Internet business owner.

The Future for Independent Record Labels

Written by Eugene Brooks

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The Future – The Internet Battle lines can be drawn in this vast market. Smaller labels can have attractive websites for their acts at a relatively cheap price. Hosting of these sites will not be an unmanageable expense either. The smaller labels can promote with banners and not have to absorbrepparttar cost of printing and manually distributing flyers and post cards to a smaller scope of potential buyers. The buyers onrepparttar 146736 Internet that can be reached arerepparttar 146737 same as that ofrepparttar 146738 major labels.

What about radio overrepparttar 146739 Internet? It is still developing and today would be a great time to develop an artist overrepparttar 146740 Internet. Major labels have no control overrepparttar 146741 stations onrepparttar 146742 Internet yet!! Developing a radio station overrepparttar 146743 Internet is viable option for a small label. The cost associated again with doing so is not prohibitive.

Investigate and do your homework aboutrepparttar 146744 Internet and promoting on-line. The market is open for smaller companies as much as it is forrepparttar 146745 bigger companies.

Eugene Brooks earned his Juris Doctorate Degree from Thurgood Marshall School of Law. Mr. Brooks is the President and CEO of the Texas based, independent label “KMJ Records.” KMJ Records can be found on the web at This article is copyright © 2005 by Eugene Brooks and may be reprinted in it’s entirety as long as this byline and copyright statement are included.

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