How To Get What You're Worth Online

Written by Dale Armin Miller

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Instead, I think these arerepparttar useful questions:

a) If you includerepparttar 117987 time it takes to set up and mess withrepparttar 117988 computer, will it actually speed up your work enough to save you time? If so, how much time per day, per week, per month, or per year? (For this question, you do have to decide whatrepparttar 117989 relevant time period is -- "per day," "per week," "per month," or "per year.") b) Multiplyrepparttar 117990 number of hours you just came up with by your hourly worth. Now you know how muchrepparttar 117991 computer is worth to you. So just compare how muchrepparttar 117992 computer is worth (to you) torepparttar 117993 actual selling price ofrepparttar 117994 computer.

Please don't say, "Well, sure, *you* can afford it!" I'm telling yourepparttar 117995 kind of decision-making that got me to where I can afford it ... more than once.

And I'm not trying to get you to buy a computer. That's notrepparttar 117996 point at all.

Applyrepparttar 117997 same process to online marketing. For example "Isrepparttar 117998 *net* profit from advertising with XYZ more or less than my hourly worth forrepparttar 117999 time I spend creating and placing that advertising?" Ifrepparttar 118000 answer is "yes," then do it even if you think you can't afford it. Ifrepparttar 118001 answer is "no," then don't do it even if you do make net profit.

One last example:

It takes you an hour to clean something. A maid does it in an hour --or less!-- and better. Yetrepparttar 118002 maid only charges [whatever] per hour, while you hourly worth is [such and such]. The maid *will* be less. Now, spend that hour earning more thanrepparttar 118003 maid charges!

Which reminds me ...

Step Two.

I suggest you limitrepparttar 118004 number of categories you personally participate in to two: a) things you do to make money; and b) sleep, recreation, and things you enjoy, that make your life worth living.

(Ideally, "things you do to make money" should fall under "things you enjoy.")

Get rid of everything else!

Dale Armin Miller. The author is Master At Arms of the Internet Marketing Success Arsenal![sm] "What works online ... guaranteed." Get free, detailed online-marketing strategies at

Energy Saving Strategies for Your Office

Written by Doris Dobkins

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4. If you are shopping for a computer, consider purchasing a notebook computer instead of a desktop PC. A notebook computer uses one-tenthrepparttar energy of a desktop PC and can save from $40 $100 in energy cost per year, depending on usage.

5. Printers: Shopping for a printer? Considerrepparttar 117986 energy costs associated with each kind. There are basically three types of printers dot matrix, laser and ink jet. While lasers arerepparttar 117987 most popular because of their high quality, they draw an average of 80 to 100 watts or more when printing. Dot matrixes only use an average of 15-20 watts and ink jets,repparttar 117988 most energy efficient of all use only about 10 watts.

6. Copy Machine: If your copier doesn't come with "standby mode", (which shuts them down partially using 70% less energy), consider turning it off as much as possible. Also,repparttar 117989 faster your copy machine,repparttar 117990 more energy is required per copy.

7. Fax Machines: The cheapest way to fax documents is through a fax modem on your PC. You save on energy as well asrepparttar 117991 cost of a paper fax machine. is a great place to get a free electronic fax account. You can receive faxes directly into your computer and view them as an email message.

Withrepparttar 117992 pending energy crunch, we can all do a little bit more to conserve. Imagine allrepparttar 117993 money that can be saved by adopting just a few of these energy ideas.

I know I'm going to try harder. How about you?

Doris Dobkins, Money Saving Expert Author of "Financial Freedom A-Z Home Study Course" and publisher of the free weekly ezine $mart Money New$ To subscribe, send an email by clicking on this link -> or sign up at her web site:

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