How To Get To Know a Disabled Person

Written by Stephen Michael Kerr

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3. Offer assistance when necessary. You see a woman in a wheelchair having trouble entering a building or negotiating steps. You'd like to help, but don't want to embarrass her. What should you do?

It's usually appropriate to lend a hand if someone is having obvious difficulty, but keep in mind that not everyone will be willing to accept your help. It's not much different than pulling over and offering assistance to a motorist with a flat tire. Unlessrepparttar woman inrepparttar 132341 wheelchair is in danger, it isn't necessary to pressrepparttar 132342 issue if they refuse your help. You did your part.

4. Remember that we all have obstacles to overcome. No matter who we are, each of us has a weakness or challenge to face. How do you feel when you are treated differently for being bald, short, or heavyset? Like you, a disabled person would much rather be accepted for who they are, rather than be pitied or shunned because of a disability. Many friends and colleagues have said to me, "I often forget that you are blind." To me, that isrepparttar 132343 ultimate compliment.

Meeting someone with a disability doesn't have to be an intimidating experience. Asking questions, offering assistance, and putting yourself in their shoes can go a long way toward recognizing them as people with normal thoughts and feelings who just happen to have a disability. Who knows? You might make some new friends inrepparttar 132344 process.

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Job Recovery Not Coming

Written by United Citizens of America

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Developing countries, led by Brazil and India , agreed to lower barriers to manufactured goods and to services.

Of course,repparttar U.S. has to give something in return. In this case,repparttar 132338 sacrificial lamb will once again berepparttar 132339 American middle-class. India wants unlimited access to our labor markets - and American companies would consider that a very good trade!

Ifrepparttar 132340 proposal goes through,repparttar 132341 existing quantitative curbs onrepparttar 132342 movement of Indian engineers, software programmers, scientists, accountants, and other professionals torepparttar 132343 US will be removed. This will translate into cheaper labor and more lost American jobs.

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