How To Get The Most From Google's Adwords

Written by Ben Chapi

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Instead of using keyword 'printer' for an ad about printers, I userepparttar exact model ofrepparttar 128408 printer e.g. 'Lexmark Z11' or less focused 'Lexmark printer'. I also putrepparttar 128409 search term inrepparttar 128410 title section. This simple trick produces very high click through rates.

Here are some guidelines:

1. Avoid keywords that are too general. Because ads are paid for on a CPM basis, you are likely to spend money quickly with keywords that are too vague. Avoid general keywords like 'business' or 'free'. Taylor each keyword to your offer and use relevant terms/words in bothrepparttar 128411 title andrepparttar 128412 ad body.

2. Give Google users a compelling reason to click on your ad link. The easiest way to do this is to provide something of value for free.

3. Use a different ad for each keyword or search term. This increases relevance andrepparttar 128413 likelihood that Google users will click on it.

4. Test and monitor your ads. Refine and fine-tune your ad to maximise click throughs. With Google you can do this in real time!

Google's Adwords has become quite popular and Google have had to increaserepparttar 128414 number of ad displays per keyword search from 3 to 8. You can open an account and test this service by going to:

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What are algorithms?

Written by Mark Austin

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Last Tip

It is more than likely that your keywords and phrases are already inrepparttar body text. A good way to establish a list of phrases is to print your web pages. Then underlinerepparttar 128407 key phrases on that page. Then include those key phrases in your title, meta description and meta keywords. If you keywords are not mentioned twice or more on your page you have two options:

do NOT include them (well simply because if your keywords are not mentioned often enough inrepparttar 128408 body text you will not get a high listing for that keyword). adjustrepparttar 128409 text on your page to include these keywords.

Remember NOT to throw a load of keywords onto one page, there are plenty of other pages on your web site that you can include other keywords. Too many keywords on one page may be penalized and includingrepparttar 128410 same keywords on multiple pages may also be penalized.


After reading all that you are probably thinking "now I know why I just submit my site with a submission tool and hope forrepparttar 128411 best, I haven't got time for all that algorithm stuff". However remember that page optimization and then search engine submission could save you thousands of dollars or pounds in marketing spend.

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