How To Get Lots Of Home Page Links

Written by Rick Rouse

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Some of your linking partners will move your home page link to an internal page after their site becomes established, in which case you can drop all but one of your links torepparttar other site. It's still win-win because:

1 - You still have a quality inbound link in exchange for yours.

2 - Duringrepparttar 119316 time it takes forrepparttar 119317 other site to grow and build a solid rankings foundation inrepparttar 119318 search engines, you're taking advantage ofrepparttar 119319 anchor text boost and traffic fromrepparttar 119320 home page link!

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Types of Links

Written by Vikas Malhotra

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If anchor tag is so important & more often that not, one cannot control whatrepparttar world says while linking to you then it is very useful to have internal links speakrepparttar 105622 language of keywords. This means that it is a good practice to use keywords asrepparttar 105623 internal linking text.

However if you are using Graphics/Image linking then you should not do it using image map because many ofrepparttar 105624 search engine does not follow image map. To overcome this problem make use ofrepparttar 105625 ALT attribute. ALT attribute giverepparttar 105626 information aboutrepparttar 105627 image and where it is going to providerepparttar 105628 link.

Another important aspect ofrepparttar 105629 internal linking of your site isrepparttar 105630 sitemap. A sitemap is a page that contains links to every page onrepparttar 105631 site. There should be a link torepparttar 105632 sitemap on every page, or at least onrepparttar 105633 homepage. A sitemap helps you to have an overview of your site linking architecture as well as it helps SE crawlrepparttar 105634 entire web site.

Internal linking architecture -----------------------------

There are three forms that can be assumed while planningrepparttar 105635 sites internal linking pattern.

Hierarchal ----------

In this kind of Internal linking allrepparttar 105636 pages ofrepparttar 105637 website are connected torepparttar 105638 home page and home page is individually connected to allrepparttar 105639 pages ofrepparttar 105640 website, but there is no linking betweenrepparttar 105641 pages ofrepparttar 105642 website.

Looping -------

In this kind of Internal linkingrepparttar 105643 home page is connected torepparttar 105644 primary page andrepparttar 105645 primary page is connected torepparttar 105646 secondary page and this process goes on tillrepparttar 105647 last page andrepparttar 105648 last page is connected torepparttar 105649 home page in this way a loop is formed.

Extensive inter linking -----------------------

In this kind of Internal linking each page is connected to each other inrepparttar 105650 website.

What kind of internal linking is preferable in a certain case, is dependent onrepparttar 105651 objectives you are trying to achieve in terms of Pagerank optimisation, user navigation ease & site theme.One tip to bear in mind is that internal linking should reinforcerepparttar 105652 theme. One should not crosslink betweenrepparttar 105653 pages onrepparttar 105654 site which are unrelated by themes. This will diluterepparttar 105655 theme intensity & affectrepparttar 105656 page rankings on SERPs.

Redundant Internal links: -------------------------

Two category of internal links that should be guarded against are: broken links & dead links.

Broken links ------------

Broken links arerepparttar 105657 links that are inrepparttar 105658 website and when they are clicked they donít open a webpage rather they show some error.

Dead links ----------

Dead links arerepparttar 105659 links that are inrepparttar 105660 website and when they are clicked they donít open a webpage and they donít even show some error.

To summarize pagerank of a site apart from other factors, can be guided byrepparttar 105661 way information is organised within a site &repparttar 105662 way it is presented. Careful planning with setting uprepparttar 105663 information flow will go a long way in helping optimiserepparttar 105664 pagerank ofrepparttar 105665 site.

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