How To Get Great Buys On Banner Ads And Make Them Produce Results

Written by Kevin Nunley

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If you use photos in your banner, keep them low resolution so they load quickly. In many cases you can reducerepparttar standard 256 web-safe colors to just 16 for an even "lighter" banner.

Animated banners step readers through two or three successive panels. Put your most important message onrepparttar 102080 first panel so those with slow connections don't miss out ifrepparttar 102081 second panel doesn't pop up before they click away. I like to putrepparttar 102082 main offer onrepparttar 102083 first panel with a few delicious details onrepparttar 102084 second.

If you banner is light and loads fast, feel free to haverepparttar 102085 most important part of your message onrepparttar 102086 third panel. For example: (1) Tired? (2) Feel better fast (3) Get Energizomine...Click here!

Before you commit big money to your banner ad campaign, test your ad or ads with a 30 day trial run. Most banner networks provide reliable statistics on how many people have seen your ad (impressions) and how many clicked on it to go to your site (click-throughs). You can also checkrepparttar 102087 server logs your web host provides to see where hits are coming from.

Pay close attention torepparttar 102088 web page visitors are taken to after they click on your banner. One ofrepparttar 102089 biggest complaints is users can't find information aboutrepparttar 102090 offer they saw onrepparttar 102091 banner. Tailor a special page to correspond with your banner. Make sure you give plenty of information, ways for prospects to contact you, how to buy, and what your product or service costs. Too many sites are leaving these points out of their sales page, making this one ofrepparttar 102092 chief causes of lagging banner response.

Banner ads arerepparttar 102093 Internet's main advertising vehicle. Overrepparttar 102094 next few years, as more and more people get fast broadband Internet connections, we will see "rich media" banners that look more like television.

Low ad prices and less competition makes this a great time to promote your offer or name online. By following these simple tips you can make banners a reliable part of your marketing arsenal.

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Top 7 Ways to Stop Procrastinating Now

Written by Julie Jordan Scott

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4. Dream big while creating it one step at a time. With each step you get closer torepparttar dream. With no steps at all: being stuck in procrastination, you will NEVER get there. Break your "to-do's" into smaller, non intimidating chunks.

5. Balance planning and creating or doing. Keep your basic plan simple so you do not spend so much time planning what you want to do that you never get to do what you want to do. If you find yourself leaning intorepparttar 102079 frenetic planning place stop, take a break, and do a reality check. What is up with using planning as another method of procrastination? What is underneathrepparttar 102080 over planning? Are you vision directed? Is there congruency in your plan and your purpose? Are you expressing YOUR gifts as a part of your vision, or is there an overwhelming sense of "shoulds" on your list?

6. Delegate those tasks which are not invigorating to you. Either barter them, hire someone to do them, or make a request of a friend or colleague to assist in exchange for your assistance somewhere else. In this way, you will be able to check something off your list. It WILL invigorate you.

7. Join with a friend or a colleague to as an accountability partner. Schedule a regular time to check in either daily or weekly. Create momentum and watch as both your business and your dreams flourish right before your eyes!

Julie Jordan Scott is a Certified Life Purpose Coach who works with action oriented, creative people who are ready to live each moment with passion. Dare to Discover Your Passion, Decide to live YOUR Destiny by subscribing to Julie's daily ezine by sending an email now or visit her website at

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