How To Get Directories To Submit Your Site - With This 5 Steps Guide !

Written by Lakhya Phukan

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4. Visit various Search Engine related forums .In almost every such forum you will find some threads discussing directory sub-missions. Follow such threads – dig deeper if needed! You will be aptly rewarded with lists of many directories posted by members of these forums.

5. Visit some good directories like,,, and search forrepparttar ‘directories’ category. These prominent directories provides lists of other good directories onrepparttar 140273 net.

Follow these simple 5 steps to get directories on your left, right, everywhere and set your promotion campaign rolling !

Have fun hunting for directories!

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Setting Your Online Business Up For Success!

Written by Charles

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4. Products or Services You must have something to sell! This can be a service such as web or graphic design, an mlm/affiliate program or products, tangible or digital. If you don't have a specific product or service in mind, there are thousands of profitable digital products that come with resell rights. This means you can resell them and keep 100% ofrepparttar profit! 5. You must know HOW and WHERE to advertise to bring targeted prospects to your Website! You can save yourself a tremendous amount of time, money and frustration by learningrepparttar 140251 effective advertising methods that are available online. There are countless worthless ones that are simply a waste of time. If you're new online, you won't know this unless you find someone who is successful online and follow their lead. Find a mentor or a membership site that offers step by step Tutorials on online promotion. Make sure thatrepparttar 140252 tutorials are updated frequently to keep up withrepparttar 140253 changing times ofrepparttar 140254 Internet! 6. Leads The lifeline of any online business! Just because you have a website and products to sell, that doesn't mean you're going to make money! To make money, you must drive targeted visitors to your website. There are THOUSANDS of companies onrepparttar 140255 web that sell Leads but if you just pick one out ofrepparttar 140256 blue, it's trial and error. Do some research and find a good source for leads. Again, you can achieve this by finding someone who is succcessful and following their lead. Or join a membership site that includes Leads as a part of their package. We promised we'd tell you about a membership site that includes many of these essential items in one place. Have a look at With your membership, you get a professional autoresponder, ad tracking, Leads, Digital Products with resell rights, step by step training tutorials AND you can earn money by referring others torepparttar 140257 site. The tutorials are updated frequently and NEW products are added each month so that you always have something new to offer your customers! So there you have it. With these six essentials, you've gotrepparttar 140258 foundation for a successful online business. Without them, it's going to be a tough road ahead. Use them as a "checklist" and make sure your online business is armed for success!


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