How To Get Big Media Promotion--Without Paying For It

Written by Kahlia Hannah

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2. Send out your own press release. I like to call media in my town and tellrepparttar reporterrepparttar 124482 meat of my interesting story or information. Get right torepparttar 124483 juicy part. If your information relates in some way to a story that is already inrepparttar 124484 news, tellrepparttar 124485 reporter.

Then I email and fax a copy of my press release. Make sure you include phone numbers where you can be reached at a moment's notice. The reporter will often think of follow-up questions that need to be answered immediately.

While you're at it, have a PR service email your press release to media nationwide. You can't imagine allrepparttar 124486 radio, TV, and newspaper outlets who need a story like yours right now. More on tips about how to do this at my MarketingHelp.NET site.

3. Get on talk radio. It is super easy. All you need is some informationrepparttar 124487 general public would find interesting or helpful. It doesn't matter where you get your information. Most likely it is something you know from your work, but you could just as easily spend an afternoon atrepparttar 124488 public library boning up onrepparttar 124489 subject.

Listen torepparttar 124490 talk show a few times before you call. Call early inrepparttar 124491 show before everyone gets interested and starts calling. Wait for a topic that relates to your information, then call.

You can also call or emailrepparttar 124492 host or producer and suggest yourself as an expert. This isn't being egotistical or pushy. Radio talk hosts need a steady supply of interesting guests. When you suggest yourself you helprepparttar 124493 host do her job.

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The Perfect Gift for Our Customers

Written by Dave Balch

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1. You can decide ahead of time how much you want to spend, and then writerepparttar individual checks in proportion torepparttar 124481 responses.

2. Send each charity a copy ofrepparttar 124482 cards that selected them, in case they send acknowledgements.

3. Historically it has been cheaper to put stamps onrepparttar 124483 cards than pay a business reply rate on only those that are returned. You could letrepparttar 124484 customers payrepparttar 124485 postage, but that would defeatrepparttar 124486 purpose!

4. Printingrepparttar 124487 cards for several years in advance makes them really inexpensive, and including them in my Christmas card gets them into my customers' hands at no extra cost. The down side, however, is that if something changes,repparttar 124488 cards may be unusable.

5. I wouldn't suggest letting individuals write-in a charity... you'll get too many different ones, which will be very expensive byrepparttar 124489 time you write a check that is an amount worth sending, research addresses, and keep track of it all.

6. We tried to selectrepparttar 124490 charities so that there would be something for everyone: three major diseases (Heart, Cancer, Diabetes) and one for animal lovers (Actors and Others for Animals). Now, something for September 11 might be appropriate as well.

7. Several of my customers have told me that they always look forward to getting my cards every year (we always use humorous cards), and appreciaterepparttar 124491 donation.

8. Many companies object to vendors sending gifts of any kind, but we have never run into an objection with this technique.

How can you adapt this idea for your business?

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