How To Get At Least 20 Times More Traffic - for FREE!

Written by Stephen R. Renfrow

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The statistics show that at least 1 out of 10 visitors to a self replicating advertising webpage signs up to get their own! This means that there will be generated at least on new self replicating webpage every day, displaying your ad or link in position 2!

After 3 months, you will have your ad or link inrepparttar 2nd position on approx. 100 advertising webpages.

AND, your link will be on 1,000, 2,000 or even 10,000 other websites, depending on how successfulrepparttar 101122 people in your "downline" have been in "giving away" FREE advertising webpages.

Anyway, let's take a look at a modest example, and assume that your link is on 1,000 advertising webpages after 6 months. Let's assume that each of these advertising pages has just 10 hits a day...

Ok, now we're talking advertising! In this example, your classified ad or link is seen by 10 x 1,000 = 10,000 people - every day!

If we still keeprepparttar 101123 1% CTR, your website would receive 100 extra hits per day from this advertising.

Compared torepparttar 101124 example withrepparttar 101125 old banner exchange (rememberrepparttar 101126 5 extra visitors per dayrepparttar 101127 banner exchange would bring in?), you'll actually get 20 times more visitors from your self replicating advertising website than fromrepparttar 101128 banner exchange.

And -repparttar 101129 best part is thatrepparttar 101130 number of webpages displaying your ad will grow - every day, and so willrepparttar 101131 traffic to your website! Not only because YOU keep sending visitors to your advertising page, but because allrepparttar 101132 people who has signed up "under" you doesrepparttar 101133 same - generating new advertising pages allrepparttar 101134 time!

After some months, your link will be permanently displayed on 1000's, 10,000's or even 100,000's of advertising pages out there... If you have a calculator or a spreadsheet, try figuring out just how much traffic this could give you after one year - or two years...

And it's all THAT simple! The only thing you need to do, is sign up to get 2 or 3 different self-replicating advertising webpages, and then places text-links (or banners) to these powerful "marketing machines" from your website.

The clue is simply thatrepparttar 101135 more visitors you get to your advertising pages,repparttar 101136 more people will sign up, andrepparttar 101137 more new pages will be generated with YOUR link or ad on them, as one out of six displayed.

Best of all, these hit-generators are FREE, and may very well generate an extra 10, 100 or 1000 hits per day to your website, depending on how many of these you can "give away"!

Try using this page, it WORKS:

To get more traffic just by placing a banner ad or some text links at your website, sign up forrepparttar 101138 traffic generators onrepparttar 101139 above mentioned page - NOW!

Short note about banner exchanges: We have nothing against banner exchanges, orrepparttar 101140 people that use them or run them. But after testing different self replicating advertising webpages, we know they work just so much better! AND they actually get better and betterrepparttar 101141 longer you have them.

Being member of a banner exchange WILL bring you a few extra visitors a day. But as we choose to see it: Having one or more self replicating advertising webpages is actually better than OWNING a banner exchange! It's all set up for you when signing up, and everything is automated! Also, sending visitors to your Self-replicating advertising webpage is a long-term investment! The one person you sign up today, can get you 1000's of extra visitors to your website every month - for life!

Start building your own "advertising empire" - Sign up for self-replicating advertising webpages today!

Stephen R. Renfrow, Creator of the HOME BIZ NETWORK < > Always give them more than they expected! Tools/Tips/Secrets/Help including proven Biz Opps Home of "Business On A Disk" CD-ROM - All You Need to Succeed

Can You Believe It?

Written by Pamela Geiss

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So,repparttar key here is to look at an offer, see if it makes sense, read everything about it onrepparttar 101121 site - EVERYTHING. Then if you are satisfied that repparttar 101122 offer appears legitimate, go for it. But go for it realistically. Have a plan. Don't just throw out ads and expectrepparttar 101123 money to come rolling in. Advertise at every free and paid place you can think of. Seek out new places to advertise. Do FFA's, targeted traffic, leads, ezine advertising, link trades, everything you can think of.

If you honestly work at it and your offer is a good one, you WILL be successful with it. But you must not expect it to happen overnight. You must give it time and you must not back off on your advertising. Look atrepparttar 101124 big companies inrepparttar 101125 "concrete" world. Some have been in business for years and years. Do you see them "resting on their laurels" and not advertising? Of course not. You stop advertising, you will fade out ofrepparttar 101126 minds of your customers. You need to remind them that you exist. You are notrepparttar 101127 only company out there. Your customer's memory span is short. They will forget you if you don't remind them.

Pamela Geiss is the owner of the successful LotsaPerks Advertising Agency. She specializes in targeted traffic and targeted leads. Visit her today at

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