How To Get An Extra 108,160 Hits A Year!

Written by Larry Dotson

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You could offer web site awards for many reasons. The web site might offer outstanding and original content. The design ofrepparttar web site could be very professional. It could have a fast load time. It could include original web features that aren't found on most web sites. The site may be easy to navigate through.

Let's say you give out 20 web site awards a week. In a year that would be 1040 people linking to your web site. If you received 2 hits a week from each link, that would be 104 hits a year from each award you have given. That equals an extra 108,160 hits to your web site a year!

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"Learn From Their Multi-Million Dollar Mistakes!"

Written by A.T.Rendon

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Our web site is TINY by comparison to x10, yet we have managed to increase our overall revenues by over 1000% directly because of affiliate commissions.

Better to sell something for a commission that to lose your visitor forevermore.

What else could they have done with such a huge amount of traffic?

They could have offered visitors a referral affiliate program so that they could refer friends and family and perhaps earn a little something for their trouble.

X10 got off to a slow start here also.

They now have a program in place but all they offer you to earn is a credit to be used on those products that no one seems to want to buy anyway!

How about some entertainment?

They completely lost sight ofrepparttar "sticky" value.

Here you have a company that offers these great looking little cameras that will fit intorepparttar 119400 palm of your hand yet all they do is DESCRIBE it!

They could have easily become a major "ENTERTAINMENT" center for those millions upon millions of visitors.

All they had to do was to hook up those cameras to "SHOW" people how they worked!

Visitors would have had a reason to stay longer than just 20 seconds and they would have had a great reason to come back for more.

The "Viral" effects of word-of-mouth, (or is that word-of-mouse?), would have kept those millions of visitors coming to their web site daily yet also it would have also allowed them to scale back on their advertising campaign expenditures.

And seeing practical example of how a product works helpsrepparttar 119401 product to sell itself.

A little creativity at x10 would have gone a long way.

It just goes to show you that even if you have millions of dollars to spend for exposure and you get millions of visitors to your web site, it won't do you any good if you don't know what to do with them.

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