How To Get A Top Ranking In Google In Just 3 Days

Written by Mark Flavin

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these two tools you can search keywords related to your product/website & find out which ones are searched a lot.

When you gather 50 or 60 keywords go into Google and type inrepparttar search phrases you have found. If there are over 6million results for your phrase my opinion would be move on, there is too much competition forrepparttar 135755 phrase and it would take either years of work or getting very lucky and having some very powerful sites link to yours.

Focus on phrases with less then 2million results in Google. These arerepparttar 135756 keywords you need to focus on. Just check wordtracker and overture and make sure they are getting some traffic every month. 


Once you have decided on your keywords. You need to make sure these keywords feature all overrepparttar 135757 body of you website.

Make sure to putrepparttar 135758 most searched keywords in your title & headings.

Now you need to go about getting other websites to link to yours. You need to find websites related to yours but sites that are not in competition with and emailrepparttar 135759 webmasters of these sites and ask them for a link.

To find sites that will give you a link I recommend doingrepparttar 135760 following.

Find a competitors website and findrepparttar 135761 sites that are linking to them. To do this simply visit

Type inrepparttar 135762 website address of your competitor and you will be able to see all repparttar 135763 sites that link to them. These arerepparttar 135764 webmasters you need to contact.

Simply write them a personalized email, complement their site and ask them for a link exchange. If you can offer them something in return - even better!

I hope this article will help you succeed in your search engine in driving traffic to your website for more articles like these please visit

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PPC v Natural Search A Cost Comparison Case Study

Written by Glenn Murray

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Forrepparttar past year, I’ve been working hard onrepparttar 135109 natural search results for my copywriting business, Divine Write. For my primary keyword, I’m now on page 1 of (out of approximately 900,000 search results). I’ve done this simply by writing helpful articles and submitting them for publication onrepparttar 135110 Internet. Luckily for me, I’m an SEO copywriter, so writing articles is all in a day’s work. But had I paid an SEO copywriter to write my articles for me, I’d have spent approximately USD$5,000.

Overrepparttar 135111 same period, I spent approximately USD$3,000 on Google AdWords (my ads appeared towardsrepparttar 135112 top of repparttar 135113 paid listings).

Now I hear what you’re saying; my natural search campaign definitely cost more inrepparttar 135114 first year than my AdWords campaign. But now that I’ve reached repparttar 135115 top of, I’ve paused all my AdWords ads, so I’m not paying anything. If I hadn’t chasedrepparttar 135116 natural search results, I’d have continued paying for AdWords, spending at least another USD$3,000 next year on AdWords, and another USD$3,000repparttar 135117 year after that, and so on.

Of course, I have to retain my high ranking. If I was paying someone to write my articles, that would involve an investment of approximately USD$1,000 per year (a saving of 67% each year).

So it breaks down like this:

Google AdWords investment:

2 yrs = $6,000, 3 yrs = $9,000, 4 yrs = $12,000, 5 yrs = $15,000

Natural search investment:

2 yrs = $6,000, 3 yrs = $7,000, 4 yrs = $8,000, 5 yrs = $9,000


Obviouslyrepparttar 135118 competition for keywords inrepparttar 135119 copywriting field isn’t as fierce as in a lot of other industries, sorepparttar 135120 actual dollar investment discussed in this case study may not apply directly to your business. The important thing to understand is that – over time – a high ranking inrepparttar 135121 natural search results can actually cost less than a high position inrepparttar 135122 (arguably less effective) paid listings.

Also, these figures are based on me submitting articles to various article banks onrepparttar 135123 Internet myself. (This is a routine task requiring little skill. You should be able to purchase a list of 50 or more article submit sites from your SEO copywriter or consultant for as little as USD$99.)

* Glenn Murray is an advertising copywriter and heads copywriting studio Divine Write. He can be contacted on Sydney +612 4334 6222 or at Visit for further details or more FREE articles.

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