How To Get A Sharp Looking Instant Website For Your Business

Written by Kevin Nunley

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O.K., so now that you have your site, you're feeling confidant, and you want to spice it up a bit with a new logo or some flashy headings. Once again, you can pay a designer hundreds or get what you want FREE from several excellent sites.

The leader inrepparttar do-it-yourself graphics field is Zyris offers a basic graphics collection for only $8 a month (most people only need a month's service). You can design logos, buttons and banners online without any web designing knowledge at all, and you can upgrade to their more extensive collection if you need.

Spin Frenzy is another great site which allows you to instantly design some very stylish graphics free.

A simple page can really be dressed up with just a logo and maybe a slogan line. You can dress your page up even more by putting a string of buttons downrepparttar 117931 side of your page.

Once you're familiar withrepparttar 117932 programs, you'll be surprised at how many successful sites you'll see which were built with these free services.

For really sophisticated graphics, go one step better with super easy and low-cost graphic design programs. has a small program that creates outstanding headings and logos. has an easy-to-use program that puts out impressive graphics and is priced at under $100.

You will be smart to get your DNS information from your host in advance and include it with your online registration application.

Stop lettingrepparttar 117933 Internet intimidate you. Anyone can have a sharp, professional web site if they just know who to go to. Take advantage of these simple and free (or at least super cheap) web design services and watch your sales skyrocket.

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Don't Let Clunky Web Site Content Sabotage Your Home Business!!

Written by Alvin Apple

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It is also crucial that your ordering information is clear. Wouldn't it be a tragedy if someone got allrepparttar way through your web site, but then didn't buy your product because they were confused by your ordering page? Believe me, this happens allrepparttar 117930 time. Make sure that everything is easy to understand. Your quantity and price sections, mailing information section and credit card information section should all be simple and logical. It's also a good idea to have an order recap function so people are sure their order was understood before they send off their credit card number. Finish off with an order confirmation, and people will be much more at ease with their purchase.

And finally we come to spelling, grammar and punctuation. I could write pages and pages on this subject, but then you'd probably stop reading. Grammar is a tricky subject. No one likes to think that they use bad grammar, but evenrepparttar 117931 most educated people can slip up. Pay very close attention when writing your web copy. You can't rely on spell check and grammar check to do it for you.

When you've finished writing your site, set your copy aside for an hour or two, then read it again. You'll be surprised atrepparttar 117932 errors you missedrepparttar 117933 first time. After you've proofread your document, have someone else look it over, preferably someone with a good eye for such things. If you don't have anyone you can go to, contact a professional editor, or if you can't afford an editor, ask an English teacher. You might find one willing to read your work for a few bucks, and you might even make a friend inrepparttar 117934 process.

A well written web site is crucial to making sales. If people can't understand your site, they won't buy your product. It's as simple as that. So put in a little extra effort, and watch your returns multiply. There's money to be made out there if you just know how to do it.

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