"How To Find Your Niche on the Internet!"

Written by A.T.Rendon

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Next, build on your list by joining discussion or mailing list groups that are already established. These are communities that already exist and discuss topics of interest by email.

Internet discussion groups may be mailing lists, newsgroups, message boards, chat rooms or IRC type chat channels, to name just a few possibilities.

Seek outrepparttar moderated type lists as they are loaded with your Niche people. And, what you do on these groups is quite simple; you participate.

You do NOT try to place ads as that is SPAM.

However, virtually all such groups do allow those that participate to include a 2 to 4 line signature. Some groups even allow larger signatures.

NEVER underestimaterepparttar 117573 power of your signature.

During a one-week period, my signature wasrepparttar 117574 ONLY form of promotion I used and in just five days we got over 1000 visitors to our unadvertised web site.

For some good tips on using your signature visit:

How To Use Your Signature: http://emailexchange.org/sig.html

Here are some excellent FREE Resources to find and join Free Discussion or Mailing List groups:

Liszt - The Mailing List Directory: http://www.liszt.com/

Search The List of Lists: http://catalog.com/vivian/interest-group-search.html

CataList,repparttar 117575 catalog of 46,902 public LISTSERV lists! http://www.lsoft.com/lists/listref.html

These groups are established and are full of members that can fill your own particular Niche or Target Audience by merely searching out those groups with like-minded people.

Do not overlookrepparttar 117576 power of Ezines and or Newsletters.

Whatever your interest, most certainly there already exists a network of publications that tap into your Niche or Target Audience.

Tap into these publications, a few at a time, and you will get an instant pulse on happenings online. Visit:

Top 100+ Online Newsletters: http://emailexchange.org/newsletters.html

Remember, it is essential to begin your own mailing list of people that AGREE to receive your email.

Perhaps once a week, with a word of interest, you send out a mailing with info directly related to your common interest.

It is important to keeprepparttar 117577 lines of communication open with your community of people.

But do NOT just send out ad upon ad. No one likes to be bombarded with ads from others.

Send out information that will be informative and of interest.

This gives you a basic "Blue Print" to follow to either begin to establish yourself onrepparttar 117578 Internet or expand on whatever you have already accomplished.

The basic resources outlined above will give you a strong foundation to discover WHERE to reach that special niche or target audience of yours.

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Summer Doldrums

Written by Bob Osgoodby

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Now isrepparttar time to renew your marketing efforts. Can you combine those lazy, hazy days with a renewed effort? If you can,repparttar 117572 lost opportunities of others might just come your way.

Might you slow down a bit? Sure, if you do it right, and remember your short term and long term goals. Maybe you should investigate advertising in publications you hadn't tried inrepparttar 117573 past. You should consider running multiple ads with different copy inrepparttar 117574 ones you are already using. How about using an auto-responder in those ads. This will ensure you get back to an inquiry right away, and you can dorepparttar 117575 follow-up at your leisure.

Why not put a form on your website(s) to handle inquiries? Throughrepparttar 117576 use of checkboxes, you can immediately categorize your potential customers requests. By using a mail package such as Eudora, you can automatically respond with a "canned" response that is tailored to their request.

Will some of your prospects also be running at a slower speed? Of course, and this is why you must redouble your efforts.

Don't forget that thousands upon thousands of new prospects get web access every day. They are hungry for information, and might just be looking forrepparttar 117577 type of opportunity you offer. These "Internet Newbies" are like a fertile field that you can harvest duringrepparttar 117578 summer. Bitten byrepparttar 117579 prospect of earning money onrepparttar 117580 Net, they are viable candidates that you will lose if you don't vigorously pursue them.

I know that with press of things we have to do it is easy to slack off. Much of your competition will succumb to those "Summer Doldrums", and if you take advantage of their inactivity, you just might be pleasantly surprised atrepparttar 117581 results.

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