How To Fight Spam

Written by BB Lee

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Fight Spam. Here are ways to fight spam.

-Close allrepparttar spammed email accounts. Set up new accounts and be very careful who you give your main email address to.

-Set up filters to directrepparttar 109590 spam directly torepparttar 109591 trash folder. Read your email program help files for complete instructions.

-Open Junk Mail Accounts. These are accounts specifically set up for unsolicited emails. Use these accounts when advertising at FFA's, Free Classifieds, or when an unfamiliar website ask for your email address.

-Report spammers. Spammers are tricky. Many spammers supply fake return addresses. But it is worth a try.

Report spammers.

Spam Abuse.

Spam laws.

-Use special software to fight spammers. This is a good idea. Here are popular spam fighting software.

SpamPal (freeware)

Mailwasher (freeware)

What Not To Do.

-Don't spamrepparttar 109592 spammer. Don't sink to their level. -Never threaten violence. This could get you in big trouble. -Don't hack into their site. Need I say more. -Don't try other illegal tactics. Stay cool.


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There Ain't No Such Thing As A Free Lunch - Hotmail

Written by Richard Lowe

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It's free! You should not expect anything from a free service - There is, however, a certain expectation that goes along with providingrepparttar free service. MSN is trying to build a name and they are touting themselves as safe, easy, comfortable. These actions don't help that perception at all.

And people are paying -repparttar 109589 service is not by any means free, any more than network television is free. Users have to view advertisements in both email and onrepparttar 109590 web site, and those ads are paid for.

The charges are simply indirect.

This just proves you cannot trust Microsoft - it's not just Microsoft. Other large companies (Yahoo comes to mind right away) institute changes with little or no notice and no feelings for their users at all.

I find it interesting that companies can make changes like this at will - imagine ifrepparttar 109591 post office decided to burn all ofrepparttar 109592 mail that sat in PO boxes for more than a month?

It's up to us as consumers to leave services that act like this, and to makerepparttar 109593 reasons why we leave known. It is not acceptable for companies to treat their users, who depend upon their services (regardless ofrepparttar 109594 price), as commodities. Users and customers are people who deserve respect.

Individuals who leave cannot make an impact, so why bother - It does not matter whatrepparttar 109595 impact is uponrepparttar 109596 company or corporation you are leaving. Ifrepparttar 109597 company does not provide decent service, free or not, and treats you (the customer) as a commodity instead of as a human being, then you should leave and find a company that is better suited. This isrepparttar 109598 way to change a corporation.

People should not use free services. Paid services would never do this to their customers - Unfortunately, pay email services makerepparttar 109599 same kind of decisions (or simply fold upon occasion). My experience is you just have be prepared.

Companies such as Hotmail clearly state this kind of thing in their terms and conditions - The problem is that it has because normal and accepted for companies to be able to have a line in their terms and conditions stating "we can change these terms at any time without notice". Imagine if that clause was in your home mortgage or car loan or whatever! The mortgage company could changerepparttar 109600 terms ofrepparttar 109601 loan without notice, or could decide it wanted a parking lot on your property and you wouldn't know untilrepparttar 109602 bulldozers showed up!

That'srepparttar 109603 thing that needs to be changed. Terms and conditions should not be modifiable fromrepparttar 109604 second they are agreed to without permission (not notice, permission).

People should back up their email so it is not a disaster when this kind of thing happens - One ofrepparttar 109605 real issues here is hotmail and msn are touting themselves are easy, comfortable, something even a child or a completely computer illiterate can use. Thus,repparttar 109606 concept from MSN's advertising and promotional materials is you don't need to back up, you don't need to worry, and so on. Now, people "inrepparttar 109607 know" or who have experience know better. But I cannot blame someone for trusting ... shame onrepparttar 109608 corporation for uncaringly breaking that trust and treatingrepparttar 109609 individuals as commodities, no more valuable than any other raw material.

What can we do? We are helpless to large corporations - Has anyone heardrepparttar 109610 words "class action lawsuit"?

On what grounds? - It's time to get corporate America's attention. Doesn't matter whatrepparttar 109611 grounds are ... justrepparttar 109612 mere fact that a lawsuit has been filed by enough people can send shivers downrepparttar 109613 spines of any executive and force change. And I'm sure that any lawyer worth his 50% commission can think of any number of laws that may have been violated.

The point is we (individuals) need to tell corporations that we will not be treated as commodities. There are many ways to do this, and lawsuits are just one of them.

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