How To Fall With Style- The Art Of Sin

Written by Eric Engel

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When you can't beat it, hide from it. Adam found shame in himself, and covered it. So should we. Not so much in our bodies (that's pretty obvious) but in our minds. We can't spend our time fighting temptation. We're likely to loose, especially with that serpent still spreading his venom. No, we have to cover it with something else. If you find yourself loosing patience, it won't do any good to try to talk yourself out of it. You're better off putting a prayer in place of your anger. And then move on. Put your hands and your mind to use. It's likerepparttar old challenge "Don't think pink." You can't do it. You're thinking pink right now aren't you. In order to stop thinking pink, you need to think 'blue'.

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The Conversation!

Written by Frank Reilly

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Jacob sits dumbfounded atrepparttar things he is seeing and hearing in this bible study. He remembers 10 years earlier, attending bible studies where it was discussed thatrepparttar 143707 world was an evil place, and thatrepparttar 143708 kingdoms ofrepparttar 143709 world were underrepparttar 143710 influence ofrepparttar 143711 God of this world, which he believesrepparttar 143712 Bible states clearly, and always has. Duringrepparttar 143713 course ofrepparttar 143714 study Jacob looks around and realizes he is among a group of people that he used to know, but who have drastically changed. He notices his old church friend John, who used to be a fairly poor man, he remembers how Happy a man John was and how full of love for God he used to be. Now he looks and sees John in a nice suit with a beautiful Gold watch, an expensive hair weave, and he notices his Mercedes key sitting onrepparttar 143715 table in front of him. John seems heavy and stressed now, he is roused byrepparttar 143716 words Curt speaks, and says hearty Amens overrepparttar 143717 things that Curt prays. Suddenly Jacob realizes he is not looking atrepparttar 143718 same situation he left a decade ago. He feels sick to his stomach knowing that he can not sit by and not say something. Afterrepparttar 143719 study is over, andrepparttar 143720 other men have left, he approaches Curt...

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"The Conversation!"

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