How To Enhance the Personal Appeal Of Your Sales Letter

Written by Ray L. Edwards

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6. Use as many testimonials as possible. If you have customer emails or letters you can ask their permission to use these as testimonials in your sales letter. Again you are sharing a customer's story with your audience. People are interested in people, period.

7. Write in a conversational style by using contractions (I'm, can't, you'll, who'd, etc) and ellipsis (…) to show pauses. This helps to giverepparttar letter a less written feel and a more spoken feel. You can also use words that will build a conversational atmosphere such as "Listen up" , "Pay attention here" "I want to talk to you". All these catch phrases make your writing seem more audible than written. Keep in mind that we read by listening to our own voices in our heads. So all writings go through this translation process.

8. Build rhythm and cadence by using punctuations to emphasize important words. For example, considerrepparttar 145777 following sentence:

"Our research indicated that it takes anywhere from three to five months of REGULAR activity to measure significant changes in health and fitness, so you can expect to see real improvements in six months … IF you stick with a well-planned program of physical activity."

If you readrepparttar 145778 sentence withoutrepparttar 145779 CAPITLISED words " REGUALR" and "IF", thenrepparttar 145780 emphasis ofrepparttar 145781 message changes even thoughrepparttar 145782 words didn't. You can dorepparttar 145783 same to mimic raising your voice, thus giving your writing some spoken quality.

Inrepparttar 145784 same way long sentences and paragraphs show slow, contemplative movement and take some time to digest properly. Short sentences dorepparttar 145785 opposite.

9. Identify with your audience as much as possible. You of course must 'know'repparttar 145786 people you are writing for. Are they afraid? Do they have pains? Are they new parents? What are their common values? Are they patriotic? Being able to answer these questions will help you to tell your story in a way they can identify with. If your situation is totally foreign to your target audience then your job becomes more difficult.

The more personality you give to your sales letterrepparttar 145787 more persons you'll convince to buy your product or service. Soon you'll benefit from word of mouth advertising as your customers continue to tell your story; which is what you really want.

And you can't get anymore personal than that.

Ray Edwards is a master copywriter, published author and Internet Marketing Consultant. He can bring any dead website to life again by writing engaging hard-working copy for you. You may find more hard-hitting articles and more about his copywriting services by visiting his website at

Touching the Prospect's Emotions in Your Sales Letter

Written by Joe Farinaccio

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6) Are they insecure? About what?

Greed and fear are probablyrepparttar most targeted emotions in direct mail. Read some ads and see if you can identifyrepparttar 145427 emotions they target.

Is it fear? Fear of what? Loss? Of losing health? Fear of death? Fear of failure? Of just being average... of never amounting to anything? Fear of physical harm? (In order to target fear in your copyrepparttar 145428 fear has to be realistic... genuine... and specific.)

How about combining benevolence and guilt as emotions in your sales letter? "Who would do that," you ask? Charity letters and fundraisers do it allrepparttar 145429 time. Readers of fundraising letters often feel guilty about not doing enough to help those less fortunate than themselves.

How about insecurity? This emotion often lies underneath other emotions. People are often greedy because they’re insecure about themselves. (The things they buy and show off are really used to cover up an insecurity of some sort.)

The American Express sample sales letter (I use as an example on my website) targets vanity (exclusivity). The emotions in YOUR sales letter are generated byrepparttar 145430 benefits your product or service offers. There are many emotions. Sometimes it’s hard to know where one emotion stops and another begins.

The following are all potential emotions to stir in your sales letter ...

Achieve comfort Altruism Anger Annoyance Avoid embarrassment Be amongrepparttar 145431 leaders Be recognized as an authority Benevolence Boredom Complacence Confidence Confusion Curiosity / satisfy curiosity Desperation Disgust Enjoy health Envy Exhaustion Fear Gain knowledge Greed / make money Guilt Happiness Hope/optimism Indifference Insecurity / achieve security / protect future of your family Laziness / avoid effort Loneliness Love Lust Optimism Passion / attractrepparttar 145432 opposite sex Patriotism Pessimism Pride / gain self-respect Resist domination of others Revenge Sadness Save money / frugality Save time Self-reliance / independence Shyness Stupidity Surprise Sympathy Take advantage of opportunities Vanity / be popular / social acceptance Whimsy Win acclaim Wit

You obviously can't put all these emotions in your sales letter. Most sales letters target one or two primary emotions and then appeal to 1 or 2 others. The more emotions you can blend into your copy thoughrepparttar 145433 more powerful your letter will be.

Joe Farinaccio is a copywriter and direct marketer. In addition to writing sales letters for online clients Joe specializes in creating successful direct mail packages for small and medium sized businesses. You can learn more about how to market your business successfully and sign up to receive his free monthly Ezine at

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