How To Emotionally-Charge Your Sales Letters To Boost Sales

Written by Mike Jezek

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You can also craft stories detailing what happened to someone who never took action to solverepparttar problem your product or service is intended to solve. This kind of story will produce fear of loss, which is more powerful than desire to gain in most people. You can also use stories that have a 'human' element to it. Simply tell a story about someone whom your readers can easily relate too, describing their problem andrepparttar 108129 frustrations that go with it in detail. And then, illustrate how this person used your product and solved their problem. Consequently making their life or business much better. This kind of story creates a type of "Social Proof." Meaning it cultivates a followrepparttar 108130 leader response. 3) Use Emotional Words Instead Of Logical Words - It's no surprise that some words fire off stronger emotions than others. Words like abortion, pro-life, Soviet or dictator have an immediate effect. Other less controversial words such as mom, dad, family, home, friends sister and brother have strong emotional impact. You need to evaluate your target market and find out what key words your market really reacts too. The key thing to remember is that just about every word has an emotional element to it. If your offer is greed oriented, then words and phrases like "money"; "get rich" ; "six-figures"; and "make money easily" will excite your readers. Ideally you want to use many small, one syllable words that your prospects can relate an emotion to. Pick five or six key words that'll stir up repparttar 108131 emotion you want in your reader and subtly plant them throughoutrepparttar 108132 sales copy to spark an emotional reaction. Whether you're vexed by a sales letter that gets poor results or you already have a sales letter that's getting decent results, you now realize what to do to make it sell more. You simply make it more emotionally-charged. As of right now, you know three shortcut ways to make your sales letters more emotional. They are: stir up pain; use mesmerizing stories; and weave emotional words into your copy. Go ahead and start making those changes and if you do this correctly, you should see a rise in sales and profits.

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"The Information Publisher's Secret Resource Guide To Blow Customers Away!"

Written by Hans Klein

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The bottom line is you want to your customer to feel as though you were in their very same position, and you can relate to their situation. This immediately builds credibility becauserepparttar customer begins to see you as a friend, instead of just an investment.

2."That's great, but What's It Going To Do For Me?" As repparttar 108128 customer views your product, this isrepparttar 108129 MOST important question they have… So, answer it! Be sure to point out how they are going to very clearly benefit fromrepparttar 108130 information you are giving to them.

3.Inrepparttar 108131 introduction of your product, always give your best promise of what you expect to deliver torepparttar 108132 client. Do you expect to showrepparttar 108133 client how he can make an extra $1,509 a month? Lose 23 pounds? Save 139,403,839 seconds a year? If so, letrepparttar 108134 client know what kind of value he is about to receive.

4. "Alright, saving 139,403,839 seconds a year sounds great, but this sounds too difficult." The next questionrepparttar 108135 customer wonders after finding out what your information can do for him is if they can do it… So, let him or her know "Yes, You Can and here's why…!"

5.Letrepparttar 108136 customer know possible potential return on investment if they utilizerepparttar 108137 information you are providing. In other words, tellrepparttar 108138 customerrepparttar 108139 end result as to what your information can do for him. Willrepparttar 108140 customer master weaving, writing, or what ever your product is showing him what to do?

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