How To Double Or Even Triple Your Opt In List Subscriptions

Written by Al Martinovic

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In this script above you will put your text message in betweenrepparttar quotes of what you want your alert box to say.

The user will then have two options: to press ok or cancel. If they press "cancel" then nothing happens and they stay onrepparttar 117316 same page.

If they press "OK" they are then redirected to my sign up page where I can capture their email address. So in this script putrepparttar 117317 link where you wantrepparttar 117318 person redirected to when they press "OK" in betweenrepparttar 117319 quotes, which should be your sign up page.

Again you can visitrepparttar 117320 link above to see how it works.

That's it! I copied and pasted one simple code on my site and more than doubled my opt in subscribers.

There are many different ways to use an alert box. The code I gave you above is a simple one. You can visit your favorite search engine and type "alert box scripts" to find a variety of alert box scripts and their functions.

Well... what are you waiting for? Start capturing some email addresses!

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Home-Based Business Start-Up: 7 Tips For Lowering Your Fear Factor

Written by Bruce Scher

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Make More Money

Money is certainly a big motivating factor, and it may even be number 1 in your books. A lot of business owners start their businesses for different reasons inrepparttar beginning, and learn to cherishrepparttar 117315 other reasons later on.

Having links on your website is very important to offer your visitors alternative places to go, giving your site an authority feel to it, by offering choices to your customers. Also, it’s your trading post with other website owners, as you both reciprocaterepparttar 117316 giving of links as a traffic builder. Lastly, many sites such as Google give much importance torepparttar 117317 number and quality of links in determining your ranking. The following site offers a free report containing step-by-step instructions as well as extensive links to articles and resources.


Everyone has different motivational triggers, and for yourepparttar 117318 idea, of starting work at noon and quitting at 4pm might berepparttar 117319 biggest draw. Or perhaps, you prefer to work only 3-4 days a week. and spend more time withrepparttar 117320 family. By seeing how life can be different and of better quality, might be your answer to that drop in fear, and rush in confidence. Continuing with free ways to advertise, so money will be not be a hindrance to starting your own business, banners are another excellent way to get your message across to new potential customers. The banner site helps you to easily design your own banner with prepared templates, so you just add your own text, and does allrepparttar 117321 administrative work at no cost to you. Visitrepparttar 117322 largest banner exchange at:

Job Loss/Job Insecurity

As many as 2 ½ million Americans have lost their jobs since our economy started to weaken in 2000. And although this fear was not even thought of before 2000, I think it’s right up there now inrepparttar 117323 top reasons for giving up onrepparttar 117324 corporate world in favor of a home-based business.

Remember, some ofrepparttar 117325 best companies are founded during weak economic times, that's when people with a good idea begin, because they know business goes in cycles, and good times are just aroundrepparttar 117326 corner. And by polishing your business inrepparttar 117327 weak times, you’ll be ready to profit inrepparttar 117328 stronger economy. Because ofrepparttar 117329 uncertain economy possibly effecting their job security, Rayand Cydi White were interested in self-preservation of their financial future, and started a very succesful real estate service company. “We couldn’t afford to be without income if something terrible happened, and started our business part-time to financially protect ourselves.” By starting part-time with 1-2 hours a week, working on your idea, ifrepparttar 117330 unfortunate should happen, you’ll have a back-up at least as a fall-back option to keep you afloat. The last method of free advertising isrepparttar 117331 press release, and quite possiblerepparttar 117332 most effective way of reaching a mass audience at no cost. Just recently we have seenrepparttar 117333 phenomenon of a new product calledrepparttar 117334 Segway,repparttar 117335 human transporter ofrepparttar 117336 future, as it was billed, receive a massive amount of free publicity, even getting corporate orders fromrepparttar 117337 U.S. Postal Service and For free press release distribution, visit:

Getting Started

Now take your business idea on a search. Enterrepparttar 117338 keywords of your business into Google, and visitrepparttar 117339 top 30 websites. Look overrepparttar 117340 websites making notes which designs you like, good content, great products or services to sell, and sign up for allrepparttar 117341 newsletters they offer.

This is valuable intelligence you are gathering, and after you assimilate this information you will be ready to openrepparttar 117342 doors to your own home business.

Bruce Scher is a home business advisor, and author of a new eBook, "Full-Time Money Part-Time Hours" "An excellent ebook" _Les Brown, Nationally Known Author

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