How To Double, Even Triple Your Sales Instantly

Written by Grady Smith

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Now before you say this can’t be applied to your business, I want you to think again. It can work, and it will work if you do it right.

Everyone has competition. Even someone offering a truly unique ebook about a business opportunity has strong competition from allrepparttar other ebooks with different business opportunities. Butrepparttar 127258 smart marketer will create a unique position so that their business opportunity ebook isrepparttar 127259 obvious choice.

Let me give you an example…

I own a copywriting business where I write sales letters and ads for clients. Andrepparttar 127260 competition in this market is pretty strong. But, by creating my own unique position I’ve been able to do quite well.

My unique position is being able to write copy that’s effective and gets results for about 1/4threpparttar 127261 price of my competition. And a deeper look at my position points out that people don’t need to spend more to getrepparttar 127262 same results.

So, how do you come up with your own unique position that will let you make more sales?

Think about how your product or service is different than your competition. And think in terms of a strong benefit that your prospects will find desirable, but is only available through you. You want to be able to say, “If you want _________________, then this isrepparttar 127263 only place to get it.” And if you can fill inrepparttar 127264 blank with a strong benefit your prospects want then I can guarantee you’ll realize more profits because of it.

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Make Prospects Believe That What You Say Is The Truth Everytime!

Written by Grady Smith

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USE CUSTOMER TESTIMONIALS Good products get fantastic testimonials. And by using them in your sales letter you’re showing that everyday people just like your prospects have found your product to be as described. To further build credibility, askrepparttar creators of your testimonials if you can use their URL or email address as further proof that these comments came from real people.

SHOW STATISTICS Detailing how well your product has worked under certain circumstances is a solid credibility builder. Use customer testimonials, tests run by you, or even have a control group use your product and recordrepparttar 127257 results.

WRITE A CREDIBLE GUARANTEE A strong guarantee builds credibility because it assuresrepparttar 127258 prospect that what you’re claiming isrepparttar 127259 truth. And a really powerful way to write a strong guarantee is to detail everything they’ll get with your product. For instance, “Shark’s Teeth Scissors are guaranteed to cut through everything fromrepparttar 127260 thinnest paper torepparttar 127261 thickest plastic, are guaranteed to never rust or need sharpening, and will never need to be replaced.” Then back it up by saying that if they find any ofrepparttar 127262 above untrue, simply returnrepparttar 127263 product for a complete refund.

Withrepparttar 127264 ammunition above write your next sales letter withrepparttar 127265 goal of creating credibility in you as well as your product. If you do it effectively, you’ll be amazed byrepparttar 127266 results.

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