How To Develope Content For Your Ezine Without Having To Write Your Own Articles

Written by Michael Tee

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Here are two really great ezines that allow you to use their articles:

Ezinequeen –

Directory of Ezines –

Hire someone to write articles for you

Yup, this is another way of getting quality articles. Go to forums and create a post asking if anyone is interested to write articles for a small fee. Many of them will be knocking at your door offering their services.

Two very responsive forums are:

Anthony Blake’s forum –

Michael Green’s forum –

Let your readers write your ezine

How? You can write a short note in your ezine, saying that you accept articles from readers. Many readers will be happy to contribute because it will give them (and their websites) some free publicity.

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10 Fresh Ezine Publishing Tips To Maximize Your Success

Written by Ken Hill

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6. Let your readers know more about you.

An easy way to accomplish this is to include a publisher's note in all your issues.

You'll be able to not only share more about yourself, but you'll also be able to tactfully promote your business or special offers to your readers.

7. Write articles.

Post your articles on your site and submit them to article announcement lists and directories.

Also create an email or RSS list that announces when you've written a new article to ensure that your articles are published on a regular basis by webmasters and ezine publishers that enjoy them.

8. Do an ad swap.

You'll create a win-win situation as both you andrepparttar other publisher will get valuable promotion of your ezines at no cost.

9. Swap recommendations.

Use your thank you page to do your recommendation swap, or recommendrepparttar 144694 other ezine within your publisher's note in exchange for her recommendation of you to her readers.

10. Keep up a regular publishing schedule.

Many new ezine publishers don't realizerepparttar 144695 amount of work it takes to put out a quality ezine.

If you're just starting out, try out a monthly schedule first, and then as you see how much work your ezine entails, you can switch to a biweekly or weekly schedule.

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