How To Design A Web Site

Written by Murray Hughes

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Don't have more than 3 layers in your web site. That means if I was to start at your home page I should be able to reach any other page in your site in 2 clicks or less. Any more and your visitors may become lost and search and engines will leave before they have finished indexing your entire web site. This is easier than it sounds if you have a comprehensive navigation bar and a site map.

Limit your use of graphics on a page unless they are essential to your marketing because they will drastically increase load time and some visitors won't be prepared to wait.

Keep your background white andrepparttar majority of your text black. Mixing background colors and texts not only looks unprofessional it is can also be difficult to read.

Include a links page which can be reached fromrepparttar 136311 navigation bar. On your "Links" page have instructions describing how someone can post a link andrepparttar 136312 link you would like them to posted on their site. I prefer to view links before I post them in case they are not appropriate.

Written by Murray Hughes

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Search Engine Optimization for Everyone

Written by Sherry Holub

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6. Open Directory Project. The ODP is one ofrepparttar main sourcesrepparttar 136053 the Googlebot uses to find new websites. This is a human-maintained directory - meaning that when you submit your URL, an actual person reviews your submission to decide ifrepparttar 136054 site is appropriate, etc. It may take some time to get your site indexed byrepparttar 136055 ODP, but once it is, you should not have to keep sending your links.

7. Blog. Having a Blog on your website is a great way to attract visitors to your site with fresh content. Andrepparttar 136056 search engines love content rich blog pages. There are free services out there such as,, and many more that allow you to sign up for a free blog. Of courserepparttar 136057 best way to blog to haverepparttar 136058 blog "software" actually installed on your site. This is something your web designer/programmer could do for you. I highly recommend sBlog ( as a free php based Blog script (you will need php and a MySQL database installed with your web hosting service to run this).

8. Submit to Google and Yahoo. These two arerepparttar 136059 top dogs inrepparttar 136060 search engine world and both still accept FREE submissions. For Yahoo, you must go throughrepparttar 136061 categories until you findrepparttar 136062 most appropriate one for your website. For Google, you can go torepparttar 136063 following URL to submit your site:

9. Print advertising. Many companies forget that print advertising is still a very valid way to get visitors to your website. Although this can get costly, even having your URL printed on your business cards, letterheads and envelopes is considered print advertising.

10. Berepparttar 136064 best you can be. It sounds simple, but a lot of people get so wrapped up in SEO that they neglectrepparttar 136065 quality of their website. Remember that your website reflects your business and should offer a professional, high quality appearance and useful content. No matter what your business is, your visitors will be more inclined to stick around or make a purchase if your site is easy to navigation, has useful information, and looks professional.

I also highly recommend visiting Site Pro News ( and signing up for their free newsletter. They haverepparttar 136066 most up to date info on SEO.

I hope you found this helpful. Sherry Holub

Sherry is the manager and chief designer at Southern California design studio, JV Media Design (

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