How To Design A Search Engine Friendly Website

Written by Arif Hanid

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3.Content Many search engines look atrepparttar main body ofrepparttar 128297 page and identify keywords and phrases that are used withinrepparttar 128298 text.

TIP: Use competitive keywords relevant torepparttar 128299 purpose ofrepparttar 128300 page withinrepparttar 128301 main body ofrepparttar 128302 page. Always try and ensure thatrepparttar 128303 keywords are prominent withinrepparttar 128304 text body, i.e. they appear nearrepparttar 128305 beginning ofrepparttar 128306 page, they are defined usingrepparttar 128307 ‘heading’ tag, they are typefaced in bold, or they are used as hyperlinks.

4.Page Title This is arguably one ofrepparttar 128308 most important areas of a page and needs special attention to ensure that a good title is selected. Similar to many other areas of designing a search engine friendly page,repparttar 128309 Page Title should also have a good keyword which describesrepparttar 128310 page content. To keep withinrepparttar 128311 limits of many search enginesrepparttar 128312 number of words forrepparttar 128313 Title shouldn’t exceed nine.

5.Page Description Another important area to work on for good ranking isrepparttar 128314 Page Description. This isrepparttar 128315 text found underrepparttar 128316 META Description tag and is displayed to users inrepparttar 128317 search results. Again, it is a good idea to pay attention torepparttar 128318 use of good keywords when writingrepparttar 128319 description, which should be short (not more than 20-25 words) and sells your page beforerepparttar 128320 user has even opened it!

6.Graphics We’ve coveredrepparttar 128321 use of graphics briefly above, emphasisingrepparttar 128322 importance of using an Alt tag containingrepparttar 128323 relevant keyword(s). Althoughrepparttar 128324 use of images can be nice and very appealing to a website, it is also important to bear in mind that they shouldn’t overpowerrepparttar 128325 textual content of your page. As a general rule of thumb it is best to stick to a 70/30 ratio (70 text/30 images).

7.Site Map A Site Map is a fantastic way for search engines to find all your juicy pages on your website. There are many free Site Map tools available onrepparttar 128326 web that’ll create your site map instantly.

8.Navigation Links Navigation links to other pages on your website should be nice and easy. There are some engines which find it difficult to navigate through torepparttar 128327 other pages on your website ifrepparttar 128328 nav bar is too complicated, e.g. complicated pop-ups, use of flash, etc. Therefore if your site does have complicated navigation then it’s always a good idea to implement simple text based hyperlinks to your common pages atrepparttar 128329 bottom of every page on your website.

Followingrepparttar 128330 basic suggestions above will help layrepparttar 128331 foundation to apply further good search engine optimisation advice which will makerepparttar 128332 difference in your overall search engine ranking. This finer area of SEO is beyondrepparttar 128333 realm of this document and will require further investment based on individual needs.

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What is PageRank?

Written by Matt Colyer

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a web sites PageRank. Increasing your PageRank is very difficult, but important. The actual amount of effect that Search engines PageRank has onrepparttar ranking of a website or web pages is debated, but what we do know is that a web page's PR does play a big role in Google's indexing and Google's ranking. The higher a web page's PageRank,repparttar 128296 more frequently it will be crawled and refreshed. While in most cases, a higher PR will accompany a higher-ranking site; it is not alwaysrepparttar 128297 case. PageRank is a pretty complex mathematical calculation, but can be broken down into a simple version. PageRank is Google's scoring of Page 1. This scoring is based onrepparttar 128298 links that point to Page 1, and certain variables withinrepparttar 128299 pages thatrepparttar 128300 links come from. 1 link from Page 2 is held as a vote for Page 1, and if Page 2 has a high PageRank, this will is taken into account and will have a positive effect when calculatingrepparttar 128301 Page Rank of Page 1. If Page 2, 3, and 4, all link to Page 1, but Page 2, 3, and 4 all have a PageRank of 3, then this will be taken into account when calculatingrepparttar 128302 web page's PageRank. Inrepparttar 128303 second situation,repparttar 128304 pages with low PageRank's that link to Page 1 will not affect Page 1's PageRank in a negative effect, but also will not affect it in a positive way.

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