How To Defend Against A Knife - Don't Use The Stuff Taught In The Dojo!

Written by Paul Swift

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We worked this scenario using allrepparttar knife defences we had both learned from many different styles overrepparttar 145193 years butrepparttar 145194 one factor that kept coming up wasrepparttar 145195 fact that this was simulating a real situation, sorepparttar 145196 attacker wasn't in stance and didn't come with a single attack in a straight line, he'd attack several times from any angle very fast.

What we were looking for was something that kept your vital organs as far away fromrepparttar 145197 knife as possible whilst allowing you to attackrepparttar 145198 assailant.

Here's what we came up with: (This is just my opinion, based on over 20 years martial arts experience, and this one worked time after time. But remember only use as a last resort)

First you must take your attackers mind off what he's thinking about (I.e. stabbing you !) .........Spit in his face, not nice but remember this guy wants to stab you !

This gives you a fraction of a second to move.

Next, drop to your side, fast ! (Side breakfall) As you do this hook one of your feet roundrepparttar 145199 back of his front foot and with your other foot, stamp hard ontorepparttar 145200 front of his knee. This will either snap or dislocate it (Again not nice but this guys going to stab you !) It also doesn't matter too much if you miss withrepparttar 145201 hook as you can still getrepparttar 145202 stamp in onrepparttar 145203 knee.

Either disarm him while he's onrepparttar 145204 floor and wait forrepparttar 145205 Police or just get out of there, he won't chase you.

The fall and hook take some practice to get fast but it's worth it as this is one well worth having in your arsenal.

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Paul Swift is a Martial Arts Coach from the UK with over 22 years experience. His Passion for the arts has culminated in the website:

Camping Lanterns Guide: Backpacking And Camping Lantern Tips.

Written by Marc Wiltse

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I recommend going flameless especially inside your tent. It doesn't take much to start a fire with a high intensity heat source. Falling asleep and tipping your camping lantern over is all it takes to put your life in serious jeopardy. There are a lot of great battery lanterns, LED lanterns and rechargeable lanterns available. Play it smart.

While great LED lanterns put out a good amount of light I haven't found one yet that can matchrepparttar light output of well-designed flame camping lanterns. If you need a lot of light in a local outdoor area have a look at butane, propane, and gas lanterns. Some of these lanterns crank out up to 235 watts of light! That's more light than most people use to light a room at home. One ofrepparttar 145192 butane lanterns even allows you to focusrepparttar 145193 light more intensely with reflectors and another is refillable with lighter fluid helping to make it great for...

If you'd like more information on camping lanterns please visit forrepparttar 145194 whole article. Also you may want to take a look at a related article on how to pickrepparttar 145195 best camping tent

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