How To Create Your Own Cult like Following Of Women

Written by Derek Vitalio

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For example, I wanted to last MUCH longer in bed. Up until that point, my definition of lasting long was about thirty minutes. But I knew I couldn't keep multiple girls around with this kind of sloppy performance. Other guys can go for thirty minutes and that doesn't constitute monopoly power.

So I began digging around and talking to self-proclaimed "sex gurus" and "tantric masters" to get some answers. I quickly found that people either knew what they were doing but couldn't explain it, or they had no formal system to transferrepparttar teachings to someone that wasn't experienced.

Over time I put it all together and learned to ride onrepparttar 126083 edge of orgasm hours and, conversely, have multiple orgasms. I choose when to ejaculate and don't cum out of neediness but save my orgasm as her reward. In Legendary Lover I lay outrepparttar 126084 procedures to penetrate her inner mind, dreams, and sexual fantasies to embed and turn yourself into her ideal lover - a critical skill, because every woman is different and you CANNOT stick to one single lovemaking method, no matter how good you may think it is.

Okay, back torepparttar 126085 story inrepparttar 126086 lifeguard shack.

I can't go into allrepparttar 126087 details of what I did that night. But, for example, I would control how long I lasted in order to maximize her pleasure. Lasting longer is achieved through a simple exercise I do in breath control and a little mind trick. As soon as I feltrepparttar 126088 orgasm welling up inside me, I held it in check by placing my tongue onrepparttar 126089 roof of my mouth and breathing deep and relaxed. As I breathed in, I pulled up on my testicles. As I exhaled, I let them go (you have to practice this a few times from before hand). I imagined thatrepparttar 126090 sexual energy I was generating in my genitals was being pulled up my spine, like a straw, byrepparttar 126091 deep inhales, and into my head.

Anytime I would get anywhere near orgasm,repparttar 126092 more pleasure I felt, I was simply able to redirectrepparttar 126093 warmth and sexual energy back intorepparttar 126094 girl (I know it sounds weird, but women can feel it... and I guarantee that NO guy does this). That night I was able to last two hours with this woman until she was asking me to come all over her.

Of course, we paidrepparttar 126095 price for lovemaking in a public place. We cuddled afterward and fell asleep together... to be very embarrassingly woken uprepparttar 126096 next morning by a lifeguard dude at 6:00 AM inrepparttar 126097 morning. Ouch!

No matter, my mission was complete. She told me numerously how she was blown away by my stamina and "abilities" as she called it. She kept calling me non-stop. It's strange really. You can really become a sexual god to these women, assuming you can monopolize what they really want in bed. It's like it becomes an addiction for them.

To this day,repparttar 126098 girl I laid atrepparttar 126099 beach house still sees me and we have an open door relationship together, even though she knows what I do. It simply amazes me however as torepparttar 126100 numbers of men who have NO IDEA what they're doing. DON'T be left inrepparttar 126101 dark. I created Legendary Lover to give my students a detailed road map to follow to sexually fulfill women - I think of it asrepparttar 126102 "second chapter" of Seduction Science. Take a look.

By Derek Vitalio

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Is This Love or Emotional Dependency?

Written by Margaret Paul, Ph.D.

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The kind of person you will pick will be totally different when a loving adult is choosing than when your wounded self is choosing. The people we pick have a similar level of woundedness and a similar level of emotional health. Obviously,repparttar more you have done your inner work to connect with Divine Love and bring that love within to take loving care of yourself,repparttar 126082 more you will be attracted to someone also does this.

When you pick from your wounded self, you will pick someone whom you believe wantsrepparttar 126083 job of filling you up. The problem is thatrepparttar 126084 other person may be attempting to fill you up inrepparttar 126085 hopes that you will also fill up him or her. Two people who each want to get love rather than share love will eventually find themselves very disappointed with each other. They will each blamerepparttar 126086 other for not loving them inrepparttar 126087 way they want to be loved. When relationships break up, it is often because one or both partners are not taking responsibility for their own feelings and self-worth and are blamingrepparttar 126088 other for their resulting unhappiness.

If you are so attached to someone that you feel you can’t live without that person, try learning to give to yourself and others what it is you want from this person. Your job is to becomerepparttar 126089 person to yourself that you wantrepparttar 126090 other person to be. Then you will be able to be “in love” rather than “in need.” You will be able to love another person for who he or she is rather than for what this person can do for you. Instead of needing to get love, you can give love fromrepparttar 126091 heart forrepparttar 126092 joy of it and feel filled inrepparttar 126093 giving.

Margaret Paul, Ph.D. is the best-selling author and co-author of eight books, including "Do I Have To Give Up Me To Be Loved By You?" and “Healing Your Aloneness.” She is the co-creator of the powerful Inner Bonding healing process. Learn Inner Bonding now! Visit her web site for a FREE Inner Bonding course: or Phone Sessions Available.

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