How To Create Successful Advertising Copy

Written by Bob Leduc

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You may spend a lot of time writing your sales message and getting it "just right". Unfortunately, your prospects will rush through it and make a fast decision. Don't slow them down with any choices. They'll be afraid of makingrepparttar wrong choice and will protect themselves by making none. You'll lose sales.

EXCEPTION: Offer many different ways to respond to your ad or sales message. Customers already know whether phone, fax, online, etc. is more convenient for them. They're more likely to act immediately when their favorite way to respond is available.


The offer isrepparttar 100959 "deal" you're promoting (free information, special price, free bonus with order, etc.). It'srepparttar 100960 only reason people respond to your advertising copy. The stronger your offerrepparttar 100961 greaterrepparttar 100962 response you'll get. Always includerepparttar 100963 best offer you can afford and a reason to act fast.


Simple, clear copy is easy to read and understand. It propels your customer torepparttar 100964 decision point with no hesitation. After you've written your copy, edit it for simplicity and clarity. Use lots of 1 and 2 syllable words. Shorten sentences and paragraphs. This is especially important for your web site where relief is just a click away.

Follow these 7 rulesrepparttar 100965 next time you write new advertising copy. Use them as a checklist to evaluate your existing ads, web pages and sales letters. They're a proven formula you can use to maximizerepparttar 100966 response you get from all your marketing communications.

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Write a Power Press Release and Get a Feature Story-Seven Times as Valuable as Advertising

Written by Judy Cullins

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The San Diego Union-Tribune responded to my press release withrepparttar headline "Seven Sure-Fire Ways to Sell More Books Than You Ever Dreamed Of" by giving me space that would have cost $3000 if I had placed an ad. Funny, they didn't even interview me.

The columnist created her own story.She used this heading: "Workshop Guides Novice Book Authors." One of her highlights said, "seminar participants might berepparttar 100958 next John Grisham."

My phone rang offrepparttar 100959 hook for over a week. I hired an assistant and we took over 100 calls and collected over 60-email address. To each ofrepparttar 100960 latter I sent my monthly eNewsletter "The Book Coach Says..." and got four new book-coaching clients worth thousands of dollars overrepparttar 100961 next six months. Atrepparttar 100962 same time, my assistants sold 25 books and kits atrepparttar 100963 back ofrepparttar 100964 room.

You Have What Editors Need

Media editors and radio/TB talk show producers want and need human interest, and newsworthy stories. You have what they need-solutions to problems their particular audiences have.

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