How To Create Sizzling Sales Online

Written by Evelyn Lim

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5. Userepparttar Power of Bullets. Your sales copy should not just be a laundry list of features. Use as many bulleted points as you can to showrepparttar 140785 long list of benefits that your prospect can derive by buying your product or service.

6. Userepparttar 140786 “feel, felt, found” method. Handle objections with this method. It works! First, show empathy on how your prospect feels. Then, say how you or your other customers feltrepparttar 140787 same way. And then, how you or your customers foundrepparttar 140788 answer to their problems by buying your product or service.

7. A picture speaks a thousand words. Use images that help your prospect visualize about what you are selling. Sellrepparttar 140789 sizzle! A simple example to illustrate this point is to create stunning covers for your information product. The cover of my newsletter “Mapping You to Success” viewed at certainly looks yummy and easy to digest!

8. Testimonials sell! Get testimonials from credible sources. Wouldn’t a prospect feel more tempted if your product or service is also used by some top names or gurus?

9. Go big on bonuses. Use bonuses that have high perceived value. Value is created whenrepparttar 140790 bonus is relevant torepparttar 140791 needs ofrepparttar 140792 prospect. To createrepparttar 140793 impression of high perceived value, spend some time explaining and telling your prospects what each bonus is, its worth andrepparttar 140794 “succulent” benefits they can derive.

10. Give a lifetime guarantee. Give a guarantee that lasts forever! Make your offer as risk free as possible.

Now how do you beatrepparttar 140795 “buffet” of tips given above? Perfect your recipe for writing great copy and see your sales sizzle torepparttar 140796 top!

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Google Has An Achiles Heal - Will Their Competitors Notice?

Written by Steve Blom

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The next growth area will be hundreds of thousands of verticals, driven by small businesses exploiting areas and needs thatrepparttar fortune 500 companies can not fill efficiently. The search engine company that getsrepparttar 140784 most advertisers on its side will win market share, and winning will requirerepparttar 140785 ability to service everybody, not justrepparttar 140786 super sophisticated internet super geeks.

However, many private companies not sanctioned by Google, have sprung up in order to try to bridgerepparttar 140787 gap betweenrepparttar 140788 Google Adwords program andrepparttar 140789 ability to advertise efficiently on Google and achieve a high ROI. One such company is that offers free video training and free frequently updated information at

Simple training videos are available onrepparttar 140790 site, as well as an advertiser self study course to get non-technical people up to speed with Google Adwords advertising.

Between Google's extensive training program of Google Professionals and private training by private companies, this knowledge gap may be bridged, and inrepparttar 140791 process a whole new industry of Google Adwords Marketing companies may be created, to facilitaterepparttar 140792 knowledge gap between Google andrepparttar 140793 advertisers that want to take advantage ofrepparttar 140794 enormous advertising reach afforded by paid search.

But, this might not be enough for Google to keep its lead, as advertisers often followrepparttar 140795 path of least resistance in getting their messages out, and they arerepparttar 140796 ones fundingrepparttar 140797 growth ofrepparttar 140798 search engine industry.

Where those advertisers ultimately go will determinerepparttar 140799 ultimate victor inrepparttar 140800 ever growing search engine wars, andrepparttar 140801 winner is by no means secure at this point.

Steve Blom Founding Partner InTouch Media Group

Steve Blom is a founding partner of InTouch Media Group, a publicly traded company specializing in the online marketing field.

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