"How To Create New Products or Services...Let Me Count The Ways"

Written by Christopher Wright

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"Connecting The Dots"

Now that we know where to go to find out what's 'in', lets see how we can apply this to create or enhance our product or service. Go visit Download.com search a category that's as closely related to your present business (or what you would like to do) as possible. Write downrepparttar top 3-5 programs/software. Next, followrepparttar 125125 same procedure with Amazon.com inrepparttar 125126 books and music categories. Now your next task is to do some competitive analysis onrepparttar 125127 award sites. You don't want to copy exactly what they're doing. Your goal is to just determine what they're doing and why they were chosen for these awards and see how that technique can be applied to your situation. Try to find and evaluate sites that are related to your own.

For each item in your list you created, askrepparttar 125128 following questions. Is there an ezine dedicated to this item? If there is, is it operating at its full capacity? This may be your opportunity to get a lock onrepparttar 125129 subject. Is there an ebook detailing how this product/service works? If there is, does it actually show how it can be used profitably? Could a live teleconference or forum discussion be done with this item? Can this be 'tweaked' to attract a very specific target group? If so, is there an ezine of ebook just for these very specific target groups?

And so it goes on..and on..and on. I've made MILLIONS...ok maybe just $1,000's (but didn't that sound good :) using this tactic. Be warned that once your 'top gun' becomes more known, others will be on your heels to get a piece (or all) ofrepparttar 125130 pie. How well you defend your territory depends on deep are your pockets. Some ofrepparttar 125131 times, these 'secrets' are only extremely useful when no one or only a few people are using them. After everyone and their mother's usingrepparttar 125132 same technique, it usually isn't worth trying to defend anyway. Hint-hint (FFA Link Pages, SafeLists, or new automatic traffic generators).

Best of Luck!!!

****************************** Christopher Wright, Guerrilla Marketer "Free..Explode Your Traffic..Send Your Articles To 100+ Ezine Editors" http://www.GuerrillaPromotions.com/TrafficMagic.html

****************************** Christopher Wright, Guerrilla Marketer "Free..Explode Your Traffic..Send Your Articles To 100+ Ezine Editors" http://www.GuerrillaPromotions.com/TrafficMagic.html

Make Yourself Stand Out In The World Of Free Information

Written by Ana Ventura

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So where do you find people to send these newsletters to? Current clients, past clients, and people that have previously inquired about your business should be atrepparttar top ofrepparttar 125124 list. Other contacts include colleagues, prominent members of your industry, and trade publication editors.

A promotional newsletter should not be charged a subscription fee. After all, this is a part of your PR campaigning, an effort to get your name established and recognized out inrepparttar 125125 crowd. Content should be a mixture of company information, production news, and sales talk. The information should be interesting and helpful, but remember thatrepparttar 125126 purpose of your newsletter is to educate customers about YOUR company and to get them to buy YOUR products.

If you should choose to send out your newsletter by snail mail, it will be a bit more costly considering you have to pay for paper, printing costs, and postage. Frequently, though, email newsletters have become very popular. It's much easier to type and send directly from your computer, and best of all-- it's free.

It might take a few issues for people to remember your name, but you will have so much more impactrepparttar 125127 next time you decide to send a sales letter or brochure to that company. Even with allrepparttar 125128 access to free information out there, there are ways to promote your yourself and your business.

Ana Ventura specializes in helping businesses, organizations, and individuals get media coverage. She is a PR expert at DrNunley's http://FullServicePR.com , a site specializing in affordable publicity services. Reach Ana at mailto:ana@fullservicepr.com or 801-328-9006.

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