How To Create A Profitable Affiliate Program In 72 Hours--OR LESS

Written by Bill Nieporte

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First you need web space! If you have a domain--that's great. For our purposes, however, even one of those free sites will do. [Remember--I am just showing you how to get started! When you've finished this little project you'll be able to repeat it over and over again in a much more sophisticated manner.]

1) Establish a FREE account right now with a free web host. This should take you a little less that 30 minutes!

2) Write a sales letter to sell your product. If you need help here I suggest you click over Yanik Silver's *Instant Sales Letters* site. Yanik provides a terrific arsenal of powerful, moneymaking fill-in-the-blank sales letter templates guaranteed to sell your product or service. Learn more at-->

[Hint: Most ofrepparttar better reprint rights distributors will provide you with proven sales letters].

3) Use a site creation tool to build a simple sales page to promote you product. Avoid flashy graphics pictures. What you need inrepparttar 102654 sales letter/information aboutrepparttar 102655 product you are selling, and a link(s) to your payment-processing page.

Here's my example:


You want to get paid for your product--right? That means you need to provide people withrepparttar 102656 ability to pay forrepparttar 102657 product or service you provide.

You do want to pay huge fees for processing, order tracking, or special equipment--right? You'll have NO FEES for tracking and processing affiliate sales. You'll have NO MONTHLY FEES for using this service-->no sales, no fees! You'll pay less than $40.00 to set-up your affiliate account and a minimal % for every sale you or your affiliates make--that it!

The company is called ClickBank. They will allow you to start accepting credit cards online! They also have incredibly easy instructions for using their service to start your own affiliate program. Getting set up with ClickBank took less than an hour. Learn more at

Your affiliate partner can open a FREE account atrepparttar 102658 above link and then start selling your product or service--being compensated at whatever percentage you determine. ClickBank not only processesrepparttar 102659 credit card, they also track affiliate sales and pay your partners. Here's how it works!

Your affiliates join FOR FREE--and are provide/select an affiliate ID-->expressed below as XXXX.

You provide themrepparttar 102660 site URL and they simply insert their ID whererepparttar 102661 XXXX is listed below. Then they promote that link in whatever legal fashion they desire-->and get paid whatever % you determine up to 50%.

That's it!

You have now enteredrepparttar 102662 world of being an affiliate program owner. Congrats!

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Affiliate Programs

Written by Bob Osgoodby

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Look for programs whose pay out plans continue as long asrepparttar person who joined under you is still involved. These residual payments can last for a long time. If you are in a really good one, these commissions can add up rather quickly.

Beware of illegal pyramids that rely on infusions of new members to pay commissions. In other words, it should be a product or service that stands on its own merits, and one that you believe in yourself. If you don't userepparttar 102653 product yourself, how can you honestly tell your prospects how great it is?

Not every program is a good deal. Remember, you are putting your reputation onrepparttar 102654 line as well. That is why it is so important to get involved in a good one. While getting in onrepparttar 102655 "ground floor" of a new one may be attractive,repparttar 102656 risk is a lot higher that it might not make it overrepparttar 102657 long pull.

One ofrepparttar 102658 most successful people I know in this type of business, writes a weekly column which he distributes to his mailing list. He promotes this column quite heavily, and many people opt-in to receive it, who are not currently involved in his program. He keepsrepparttar 102659 publication generic, and gives general advice. Of course, inrepparttar 102660 author credits, he includes a short blurb on his program, and a way to contact him. He gets a decent share of new recruits as a result of this newsletter.

A good way to build your list is to send your articles to other publishers. If they publish your article, you have just gotten a free ad in their publication. It also helps build your credibility as an expert. It is important that you subscribe torepparttar 102661 newsletters you're going to send articles to since that will give you a feel forrepparttar 102662 type they accept.

If you findrepparttar 102663 right affiliate programs, and promote them properly, you too can joinrepparttar 102664 ranks ofrepparttar 102665 successful Internet Entrepreneurs.

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