How To Create A Brochure And Cover Letter Your Prospects Will Respond To...NOW!!!

Written by Dr. Jeffrey Lant

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Here's how to handle this problem: list allrepparttar facts (features) about what you're selling. Now transform them into buyer benefits by starting a sentence about each one beginning, "You get..." A feature is merely a feature until you turn it into a client-centered benefit using a "you get" sentence.

When you're finished with this activity you should have dozens of "you get" sentences. Nowrepparttar 124502 trick is to prioritize them... which arerepparttar 124503 most important to your prospects and which most likely to motivate them to take immediate action. Remember: all benefits are not equal. Some are more important than others. And these arerepparttar 124504 ones you should lead with and emphasize in your brochure and cover letter.

Find And Use Testimonials

Your prospect is a skeptical creature. Take my word for it. He's been burned inrepparttar 124505 past... and knows his judgment is questionable. Because of this, his natural inclination is to do nothing...repparttar 124506 very thing every marketer fears and is constantly working against. That's where testimonials come in.

Recognize that your prospects are skeptical and need to be convinced to act NOW! Believable -- specific -- benefits achieved by people just like them will help motivate them. The key words here are: "believable," "specific", and "people just like them."

Don't make your testimonials vague. Make them specific. Don't say more widgets were produced in an hour... say how many more... and how much moneyrepparttar 124507 satisfied customer made as a result. In short, quantify your testimonials... and give them teeth by making them specific and detailed. This isrepparttar 124508 way to overcome prospect inertia, because with these kinds of testimonials here's what you're saying: do you want an extra widget each hour (with corresponding profit)? Of course you do! And that's why you need our product. Take action now to get it... or keep losing an extra widget each hour of every day.

Turn Your Bio Into A Marketing Hook

Most brochures are packed with biographical data aboutrepparttar 124509 sender, data that does nothing more than makerepparttar 124510 prospect scream, "Who cares?" Remember, what I said: EACH line of your brochure and cover letter either works to compel an immediate prospect response, or it shouldn't be there! Thus, every line of your bio must be turned into a reason forrepparttar 124511 prospect to act.

Thus, don't be like this marketer whose brochure I'm looking at: "Mary Pretzer is a graphic design consultant with extensive experience inrepparttar 124512 use of desktop publishing software and hardware." So what!!! What benefit doesrepparttar 124513 prospect get from this... does her experience mean she can show you how to produce books faster and cheaper? How much faster? How much cheaper? Makerepparttar 124514 benefits believable and specific!

Keep in mind that biographical details are not there for your greater glorification (which most brochure creators seem to believe), but to motivate a prospect to take immediate action. Thus evenrepparttar 124515 biographical features of your life must be transformed into benefitsrepparttar 124516 prospect wishes to achieve and which he understands he can get only with your help.

Make An Offer

Most brochures and cover letters fail because they leave it up torepparttar 124517 prospect to decide when to respond. They say, essentially, "Respond whenever you want to. It doesn't matter to us." But we know in reality that it does matter torepparttar 124518 marketer whenrepparttar 124519 prospect responds. The marketer has invested time, treasure, trouble, and talent creating his brochure and cover letter... andrepparttar 124520 only justification for this is getting more treasure back as fast as possible. That's whererepparttar 124521 offer comes in.

The offer providesrepparttar 124522 prospect withrepparttar 124523 justification he needs for immediate action. It says, "It's not only okay to act NOW, but acting NOW isrepparttar 124524 only sensible thing to do." As a result, he does act.

Offers come in many shapes and sizes... two forrepparttar 124525 price of one, getting something free (that costs others money), getting more for your money, you name it. But a few things are common to all: they must offer perceived benefits torepparttar 124526 prospect and they must be limited in some way, either in time, quantity, or otherwise.

Thus, you should never offer a prospect something like a free audio cassette. That's a feature. And you know people act to achieve BENEFITS. Thus, "Learnrepparttar 124527 6 secrets of producing more widgets each hour... and pay nothing. This $14 audio cassette is yours absolutely free when you get (name of product)... but only if you act withinrepparttar 124528 next thirty days! After that, you have to figure out these secrets yourself!" Seerepparttar 124529 difference?

Don't offer people a feature... offer themrepparttar 124530 benefit that that feature delivers. Don't offer them anything free... offer them something that's free to them, but costs everybody else. And never leave your offer open-ended. The whole purpose of an offer is to induce immediate action. And something open-ended torpedoes that objective.

Now Bring It All Together

At this point, it's a good idea to remind yourself what you really want to achieve with your brochure and cover letter. Whatever you've selected... getting your prospect to request more information, make an immediate phone call or buy something... involves action. And it is this action you must work to stimulate.

Remember, this stimulation begins whererepparttar 124531 eye of your prospect first alights. Thus, don't build up to what you wantrepparttar 124532 prospect to do... hit him with it right away... and pile onrepparttar 124533 reasons why it is to his benefit to do what you want him to do.

Too many brochures and cover letters fail because it takesrepparttar 124534 marketer too long to get torepparttar 124535 point. Your point -- whatever your objective -- isn't something you build up to; it's something you begin with... and which everything in your marketing communication reinforces. Because this communication only has one point...repparttar 124536 one you selected atrepparttar 124537 very beginning.

Now ask yourself: which ofrepparttar 124538 necessary components of effective marketing communications will best help me realize my objective? Starting with a testimonial... prospect anxiety... an offer... a client-centered benefit? The answer depends on your market. But one thing is certain: whatever you select should be a deliberate decision solely determined by your desire to motivaterepparttar 124539 greatest number of your prospects fastest.

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Written by Ev McTaggart

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DO look atrepparttar interviewer when you speak. DON'T look atrepparttar 124501 camera, no matter how greatrepparttar 124502 temptation.

DON'T imbibe before your interview, even if you think a glass of wine would calm your nerves. Alcohol can also redden your face and lower your inhibitions. You are trying to sell your product or service or yourself; makerepparttar 124503 best impression you can.

DON'T advertise. Your interviewer wants good information forrepparttar 124504 station's viewers, not a blatant commercial for your services. If you are likeable and knowledgeable, viewers will look favourably on your product.

DON'T speak in a monotone, but also DON'T try to place artifical-sounding inflections into your voice. Be natural. DO use normal speaking volume. DON'T raise your voice, as if afraidrepparttar 124505 microphone won't pick you up.

DO consider all possible questions you may be asked and DO have appropriate answers ready. DON'T answer questions as if you have memorizedrepparttar 124506 answers. Make your answer, even if it's well rehearsed, sound as if you're saying it forrepparttar 124507 first time. If you need facts and figures, make sure they are well organized so you DON'T have to fumble for them.

If you are being interviewed because of a negative event (say, for instance, your bottled water has tested positive for E.coli contamination), DON'T be belligerent. Be grave, be sympathetic and explain that investigations are under way. DON'T say anything your lawyer can't work with.

DO make sure your microphone is dead before saying anything you wouldn't

want repeated. It may look as ifrepparttar 124508 interview is over,repparttar 124509 camera is off you, but your mike may still be live.

And finally, DO have fun, unlessrepparttar 124510 interview follows a negative occurrence. You'll come across as a personrepparttar 124511 viewers want to know.

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